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Thursday, May 29, 2008

PRC 1: Jason Marks Airs TV Ad

Jason Marks, who's running in the Dem primary for a second term on the Public Regulation Commmission in District 1, is airing a TV ad (above) touting his impressive achievements in his first term. Marks is the current chair of the PRC. Known as a strong supporter of clean, renewable energy, Marks has earned high marks in many quarters and on both sides of the aisle for his advocacy on the part of consumers and his tough but fair negotiating skills. You can read what people are saying about Marks here.

Marks is one of my favorite public servants and he's decided to run this time using New Mexico's public campaign financing program enacted a couple years ago for PRC candidates. In other words, he won't be beholden to special interests because he won't be seeking high-dollar campaign contributions from all the wrong people.

Marks will be free to keep on representing the people, while giving a fair shake to the business community. He can keep fighting to do what's right when he deals with the complicated and often controversial issues that come before the PRC -- without pressure from those who've given large donations to his camapaign. He can continue to apply common sense and maintain high ethical standards when working to meet the challenges faced by the PRC in terms of energy, telecommunications, insurance, water, transportation and other important regulatory matters.

Please take the time to vote for Jason Marks for PRC in District 1 in the June 3rd primary next Tuesday to demonstrate strong Dem support for his candidacy. Then think about getting involved in Marks' general election campaign where he'll face a tough -- and probably nasty -- GOP challenge from either Alan Reed or Tim Cummins. The Repubs don't like public servants who serve the public instead of the vested interests. But we do! Get involved.

To see our previous coverage of Jason Marks' re-election campaign, visit our archive.

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