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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eschewing the Dash-for-Cash: Marks' Re-Election First to Qualify for Public Financing in 2008

JmarksPublic Regulation Commission Chairman Jason Marks has announced that his reelection campaign qualifies for public financing. Chairman Marks’ campaign is the first PRC campaign in 2008 to meet all the requirements in order to receive public campaign financing. Marks’ campaign filed over 400 five-dollar qualifying contributions with the Secretary of State’s office last week, along with other required forms and certifications, and quickly learned that more than enough of the contributions have been officially confirmed as coming from registered voters in the district, an essential requirement in qualifying for public financing.

Marks’ reelection campaign displayed strong and timely effort in gathering the required qualifying contributions. Chairman Marks explains, “the help of volunteers, along with a strong showing of support from voters throughout the Albuquerque area, and from all political parties, allowed us to submit more than enough qualifying contributions . . . and to do it well before the final deadline of March 18, 2008. Everything is now in place for us to receive campaign funds from the Secretary of State immediately following ballot qualifying, which is also on March 18.”

“Public financing of elections is the best way yet devised to remove the undue influence money on has our democratic system,” per Marks. With the prospect that his successful campaign this year will lead to the expansion of public financing to more New Mexico elected offices in the future, he emphasizes what it means for his campaign today. “Right now, qualifying for public financing means that our PRC reelection campaign can focus on the concerns of voters between now and November and not on the dash-for-cash.”

Jason Marks is currently Chairman of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. He's running for reelection to a second four-year term on the PRC from District 1 in the Albuquerque area. To learn more about Jason Marks, visit his website.

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Way to GO!!!!!!!! Jason is a phenominal public servant and deserves the support of everyone, please consider volunteering and helping his campaign for re-election.

Posted by: Woodstock | Mar 5, 2008 2:31:02 PM

I wish Jason well in his bid for re-election. I understand they have improved the public funding. I hope they have. As some of you may remember I ran for the PRC on public money I was not sucessful in attaining the seat but I was successful in winning the primary with an opponent.As I e-mailed Heath Haussamen the process has its problems but I still think public financing is the way to go. It now includes the judicial and for my two cents I think the office of Land Commissioner especially under the present Land Commissioner should also have public money available. I am sure we the public would benefit. Thanks, Stephanie L. DuBois

Posted by: Stephanie DuBois | Mar 6, 2008 5:36:46 PM

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