Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gov. Richardson to Speak on Third Night of Convention, When VP Nominee Will Also Speak

CD1 Obama delegate Pamelya Herndon, of Albuquerque, talks about the upcoming Convention

The DNCC has announced the speakers for the third night of the Dem Convention, and Gov. Bill Richardson is among them. I would think that pretty much rules out Richardson being picked by Obama for VP because the VP nominee is set to be the keynote speaker that same night. Of course it also appears to rule out Evan Bayh and Joe Biden, who will also be addressing the delegates on Wednesday evening.

Will Obama's VP be a Republican? Notice how Obama's foreign policy is characterized as essentially nonpartisan in the release. A clue that Sen. Chuck Hegel -- or even Colin Powell -- will be Obama's pick? Pure conjecture at this point.

A political newcomer, Gaye Pollit, a NM-03 Obama delegate from Santa Fe, is excited about Denver

From the DNCC and Obama for America Campaign: Wednesday’s program – Securing America’s Future – will feature the voices of Americans who share Barack Obama’s vision of making America stronger and safer. The headline prime-time speaker on Wednesday will be Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential Nominee.

Barack Obama offers a new, tough foreign policy approach that is neither Republican nor Democratic.  Obama will implement a strong, smart American foreign policy that makes us more secure at home and advances our interests in the world by ending the war in Iraq responsibly and focusing on the threats of the 21st century - al Qaeda, nuclear weapons, and energy security.

Hillary Clinton delegate Johnny Montoya of Taos, in CD3 is ready to learn something and have some fun 

Former President Bill Clinton will speak on Barack Obama’s commitment to a stronger and safer America, as well as the history of Democrats making positive change in the lives of all Americans.

Governor Bill Richardson and Senators Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Jay Rockefeller will echo Obama’s call for a new direction in national security and outline his policies and plans to secure America’s future.

One of the greatest security challenges facing the country today is reducing our dependence on oil, especially from foreign sources. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will discuss Barack Obama’s plans to make America more secure by investing in smart energy policies.

Senator Ken Salazar, the Convention’s home state Senator, and House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn will also speak as part of the Securing America’s Future program.

A bedrock component of Obama’s national security plan is increasing our support to active duty military, veterans and military families. Representative Patrick Murphy (D-PA) and Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth will lead a tribute honoring those who give so much to secure our nation’s future.

Click to see the complete listing of New Mexico delegates to the 2008 Dem Convention. Check this archive for previous posts with videos of our delegation and this one for other Convention-related posts.

The Democracy for New Mexico blog was selected by the DNC to serve on its State Blogger Corps representing New Mexico. We have floor credentials and will be seated with the NM Delegation for the four days of the Convention so we can blog about the local angle from Denver. DFNM will have videos, photos and stories about the event starting the weekend of August 23rd.

Videos by M.E. Broderick, from a recent gathering of NM delegates.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

DNCC/Obama Unveil Convention Speakers and Themes

The Democracy for New Mexico blog was selected to represent our state on the DNC's State Blogger Corps at the Convention. We'll be reporting from Denver and will be seated with the NM delegation. We attended a recent gathering of our delegates and Dem officials and got a chance to interview many of them about their thoughts on the Convention. Keep an eye out because we'll be posting videos like this one with State Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas, an early Obama endorser who'll be in Denver as part of Obama's team.

In a press release today the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama for America Campaign announced the themes for each night of the 2008 Convention, which will be held in Denver from August 25th through August 28th.

"The 2008 Convention is about ensuring that those peoples’ voices are heard and their call for change is heeded,” said Kansas Governor and Convention Co-Chair Kathleen Sebelius. “From Monday through Thursday, our Convention program will highlight the people of this country who want positive change and who believe Barack Obama is the leader who will listen to their concerns and get our country moving in the right direction again.”

State Auditor Hector Balderas talking with State Treasurer James B. Lewis at NM delegate gathering earlier this month

Monday, August 25 -- One Nation
Headline prime-time speaker: Michelle Obama.

Tuesday, August 26 – Renewing America’s Promise
Headline prime-time speaker: Senator Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, August 27 -- Securing America’s Future
The Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech
Headline prime-time speaker: Vice Presidential Nominee.

Thursday, August 28 – Change You Can Believe In
Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Note: The word is that former President Bill Clinton will be among the speakers on Wednesday, but he's apparently not being billed as a headliner.

On Thursday night, the DNCC says it will throw open the doors of the Convention and move to INVESCO Field at Mile High so that more Americans can be a part of the fourth night of the Convention as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. Obama will communicate the urgency of the moment, highlight the struggles Americans are facing and call on Americans to come together to change the course of our nation. 

The DNCC will unveil additional Convention program details and speakers throughout this week.

Click on photo for larger image. Photo and video by M.E. Broderick.

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