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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Bird Blogging: Foreclosure Edition

I haven't done any Sunday bird blogging for a good long while. Busy, busy, busy. Some folks have been requesting an update, so here's one on Sunny the sun conure. Sunny often watches TV -- he especially likes CSPAN and that parrot ad by Tom Udall -- and all week he's been upset about the ongoing mortgage crisis and the Welfare for Wall Street legislation. Sunny's elated that Rep. Udall voted against the bill, but all the talk about foreclosures has him uptight. In fact, he's gotten positively territorial about his digs and he's always on the lookout for sneaky foreclosure agents. Nobody's gonna be allowed to take HIS nest, at least not without a fight, as you'll see in the video. Sunny's a populist, just like us. He knows the creatures of the earth have been getting a bad deal from the government, just like ordinary humans. Power to the avians -- and the people!

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