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Monday, September 08, 2008

(Updated) Palin's Religious Freak Show and The Press

Wish we had a candidate like this one on Biblical matters

Update: Turns out a Corrales resident asked Palin and McCain some questions during their short photo-op at El Pinto yesterday. AmericaBlog has their first-person account.
I know we're all supposed to be locked into a contemplation on the types of salsa purchased by McCain and Palin at El Pinto in the North Valley yesterday, or pondering the deep meaning of Whitesnake music being played at the McCain-Palin rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center Saturday. I know that some in this town think Palin neighbor Anne Kilkenney's fair but critical piece About Sarah Palin is annoying, but I suggest reading it anyway if you haven't yet done so. However, I think it might be most useful to consider some of the excruciatingly odd religious connections that have shaped Palin's world views -- such as they are.

Consider her long-time and continuing associations with outliers in the Assemblies of God - Pentacostal - Dominionist - Joel's Army - Third Wave end-timer movement. Palin's religious connections aren't with your garden variety Christian fundamentalists, but with the truly extreme reaches of the Christian right. I won't regurgitate the info here. You can read it for yourself in this article (with video) on Alternet for starters. There's also this diary on Kos that provides a roadmap to the Dominionist underground and lots of helpful links. It's a tangled up, rapture-fueled, Christian Nation hullabaloo alright, and Palin is definitely hooked in. Scary stuff. But even worse ...

Do you think Charlie Gibson, who embarrassed himself so badly with his phenomenally weird questions and proselytizing at a couple of Dem prez primary debates, will delve into this aspect of Palin's political-world view when he's granted the very first "press" interview with Palin? Naw, he'll no doubt be lobbing her softball questions and hanging on her every word about the ins and outs of her mooseburger consumption and how she and McCain are "mavericks" who just happen to have supported almost every single Bushie policy position until they started positioning themselves to head the GOP ticket.

Remember when The Press saw its mission as puncturing propaganda so citizens would be privy to the truth? Now the majority of "journalists" seem to be just a photo-op seeking, soundbite collecting mob of celebrity groupies who avoid rocking the boat so they can keep their "access." Access meaning their first-row seats in the ambulance celebrity chasing squad where they are lured with promises of interviews that usually don't materialize. Thank goodness there are some "pushy" reporters still out there, like Peter St. Cyr, who risked the wrath of the powers that be by daring to ask Palin a question or two yesterday. Sure, they were innocuous start-up questions, but I know Peter would have gone deeper if he hadn't been ordered to stop by political handlers. I say hurrah for daring to go up to Palin and ask anything in this stifling environment. St. Cyr was the only one who got to Palin, and he's a radio reporter.

You can have just about every one of the local TV and print reporters here. I'll follow St. Cyr's audio blog and the ever-improving live reports by Matt at New Mexico FBIHOP anyday before I delve into the dribble on our local TV news or in the Albuquerque Journal. I'll check on reports from writers like Marjorie Childress and Tracy Dingmann at the NMI blog before I'll take the word of any trad reporter on a story. The good news is that as the trad media collapses, the independent internet media improves.

One of the most revealing experiences I had at the Dem Convention in Denver was hanging out in the venue's bowels where press of all levels, including many members of the national TV media, were ensconsed. It was like watching fisherman throwing chum into the water to lure the sharks. Every so often a whispered rumor would sweep through the press corps about some maybe or maybe not chance to get a sound bite or a video clip from a politico. A long parade of journalists would start sprinting toward some designated portal, often with large entourages trailing. Often, the rumored chance for pouncing was just a fake out and the media folks would come shuffling back, dejected and destined to resume the long wait for anything to "happen," newswise. I could just picture the politicos' press people giggling at the cattle stampedes they could start with just a whisper of an opportunity to see a Very Important Politico in the flesh.

Watching the melodrama, it became very clear to me just how powerless the trad media has become in this era of controlled politico marketing-advertising-PR. No wonder the average voter is so uninformed and ready to swallow the latest BS whole. Can our democracy survive it? In November, we'll get a number of clues when the results come rolling in. Will ordinary Americans vote with the facts in hand or will they succumb completely to the propaganda onslaught? I'm not making any bets quite yet, but I'm getting more nervous by the day.

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The couple from Corrales did a great job. What they may not have known is that there were two "Straight Talk" Buses during the McCain-Palin visit to ABQ. A his and hers. Or what I like to call the "Double Talk" buses.

Posted by: Douglas | Sep 8, 2008 3:45:59 PM

How much gasoline did that burn up? We don't have to worry because the end of the world is coming. That is what Palin's church says. Why conserve? They will be raptured to the sky soon. They may be dishonest, selfish, mean and greedy, but they aren't gay and they make sure women have no voice about their own bodies. What year is it?

Posted by: Lynn | Sep 8, 2008 4:39:13 PM

The press is mighty bad and that's mighty dangerous. Wake up America your democracy is being stolen.

Posted by: chad | Sep 8, 2008 11:05:42 PM

The Dominionists have actually been trying to take over our government for some time. They have already over taken much of our military. Patricia Madrid represented people at the Air force academy who were religiously discriminated against. The Dominionists have proselytized our service personnel for years and promoted their own to positions of power within the military and our government agencies. The main requirement for federal employment these last 8 years is association with the correct religious beliefs and Christian denomination, not expertise. People that do not conform to their suicidal ideology don't get promoted, hired and could be fired.

Posted by: qofdisks | Sep 9, 2008 4:11:55 PM

I'll be the one to post the shallow comment. Thanks for the West Wing clip...I love it when Jed Bartlett gets biblical. Is it just me, or is this election following the old scripts for Season 7? The young, non-white candidate with the seasoned running mate. The old, "maverick" opponent who ties his wagon to the evangelical running mate. The neck and neck battle. Not that we need a nuclear reactor to melt down in Southern California, but maybe Hurricane Ike fits that particular plot point. What if it all really does come down to the state of Nevada and its 5 electoral votes?!

Posted by: LopsidedMom | Sep 12, 2008 4:58:41 PM

Ha, funny and eerie too. Maybe it will come down to New Mexico and its electoral votes!

Posted by: JJ | Sep 12, 2008 5:59:17 PM