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Monday, August 04, 2008

NM-02: Sign Petition to Tell Tinsley to Support NM Families


Harry Teague, our Congressional candidate in NM-02, wants you to sign a petition urging his Republican opponent to wise up on what's important to New Mexico's hardworking families. Tinsley, hanging out at his high-priced digs in Santa Fe's exclusive Las Companas development or his prime real estate in Capitan, is clearly out of touch with the pressing needs of ordinary working people in Central and Southern New Mexico. Ed Tinsley doesn't get it. Harry Teague gets it.

From a campaign email: Recently the minimum wage increased to $6.55 an hour. But Santa Fe's own Ed Tinsley, our opponent and a Washington, DC lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association, thinks that workers deserve less than the minimum wage. In his words: "The people who want to raise the minimum wage must have never written a check to cover labor." [Testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce, 9/14/2000]

Harry Teague disagrees. Harry provides his employees with good wages, health care and free college tuition for their children. Southern New Mexico needs a Congressman who will stand up for working families, not look down on them. Will you stand with us and tell Ed Tinsley to support working families? Sign our petition here!

As gas and food prices are spiraling upward, not only does Ed Tinsley think that hard working families in New Mexico don't deserve a raise, he thinks that they don't know how to spend their own money.  In his words:  "I feel that teaching them how to create a savings plan ... is very important... Understand that the educational level of a lot of our workforce is on the lower side." [New Mexico FBIHOP, 6/27/2008]

Tell Ed Tinsley to treat our working families right.

Harry wants to change Washington so that it fights for our working families. You don’t have to wait until November to tell Ed Tinsley that workers deserve respect.  Go to our new website today and stand up with Harry for Southern New Mexico. Together, we can make sure that our Southern New Mexico values are represented in Congress. 

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