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Friday, July 25, 2008

Guest Blog: Ben Ray Lujan on Netroots Nation

This is a guest blog by Ben Ray Lujan, our progressive Congressional candidate in NM-03. We thoroughly enjoyed having an opportunity to hang out with Ben Ray at the conference and to meet other netroots Congressional candidates at his luncheon in Austin. Ben Ray definitely gets it about the netroots. It was evident he had a great time at Netroots Nation, just like we did.

Last weekend I attended Netroots Nation. It was my first time at Netroots Nation, and I really enjoyed meeting with people from New Mexico and across the country.

New Mexico was well-represented at Netroots Nation. I sat with Barb and Mary Ellen, the hard working progressives behind this blog, and Matt of New Mexico FBIHOP during Howard Dean's keynote. Elizabeth Winters put together a great panel on Saturday where Martin Heinrich, Pete McCloskey, Denise Fort and I discussed emerging issues in New Mexico and the West. I also ran into friends from Taos.

On Thursday, I attended the Latino Caucus. Joe Garcia, a candidate many of you have helped out down in Florida, also joined the discussion. Latino bloggers are a small, but active group and they are working hard to highlight national and local Latino issues. They are a talented group and their voices are going to get much stronger.

Friday’s lunch was my highlight. We organized a meeting at Ironworks BBQ, right around the corner from the convention center, with a few of the other Congressional candidates and some bloggers from across the country.

Jim Himes, Annette Taddeo, Russ Warner and Dan Seals joined us for the BBQ, and we had a great conversation with all the candidates and the bloggers who attended. It was so exciting to meet candidates from across the country who not only are strong progressives, but also have great opportunities to defeat entrenched Republicans. With these excellent candidates, I have no doubt that we will increase our majority in Congress.

Please keep on following my campaign up in Northern New Mexico. We're doing great, but I need your help to make sure we have the resources to soundly defeat my self-described 'extreme-right' opponent. Thanks again for all of your help!

Here's a quick thank you video:

This is a guest blog by Ben Ray Lujan, who's one of the New Mexico netroots' True Blue New Mexico candidates.

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Ben Ray will be a strong congressman for Northern NM and therefore for all of NM.
I strongly urge fellow readers to donate to his campaign, show him our support.
After all - He will be supporting us.

Posted by: mary ellen | Jul 25, 2008 2:00:15 PM

Ben Ray will be an excellent congressman. It was a pleasure meeting him at Netroots Nation.

Posted by: Bryan Barash | Jul 25, 2008 3:01:42 PM

Ben Ray is a great candidate representing Northern NM. He needs ALL of our help to win.

Posted by: Charlotte | Jul 26, 2008 12:07:36 PM