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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NM Dem Party Demands That Pearce Return Tainted Money; GOP Going Off the Tracks?

CALLING STEVE PEARCE: Return the money from discredited Texan Clayton Williams, and repudiate his repulsive remarks about rape.

John McCain was forced to cancel a Texas fundraiser this past weekend hosted by oil man Clayton Williams after he was confronted with sexist quotes made by the monied GOP donor but has so far refused to return more than $300,000 his campaign Williams has raised for McCain. The most egregious prounouncement by Williams equated rape with the weather, saying "as long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it."

As I previously posted, Steve Pearce, the GOP's candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, has gotten $4,000 from Williams going back to his 2006 campaign for Congress -- plus who knows how much more from donors "bundled" by Williams. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is now demanding that Pearce return the money.

"Steve Pearce and John McCain need to do the right thing and return every dollar they have gotten from their sexist and misguided friend, Clayton Williams," said Conchita Cruz, Press Secretary for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. "Pearce's silence on the matter is unacceptable, as Williams' words are disturbing and out of step with New Mexico values."

Ironically, one of the major mantras of Pearce's campaign is that he "represents New Mexico values." Guess not, at least when it comes to taking campaign contributions. No wonder Sen. John Ensign, who heads the GOP's Senate campaign committee, was quoted as saying that putting money into races Repubs can't win, like the one in New Mexico, would be a waste.

GOP Woes
It appears that GOP candidates -- as well as the Republican Party itself -- are in big trouble this election cycle. And the tension and bad blood within the Party are growing. Check out Peter St. Cyr's post (and extensive audio) reporting on the New Mexico GOP's convention in Las Cruces last Saturday. One controversy at the event resulted in Albuquerque delegate Patrick Marron being tossed out for trying to ask a question about the ban on taking photos or recording the event. State Party Chair Allen Weh defended the move:

“Other state’s run their conventions by Robert’s Rules,” said Chairman Allen Weh. “Not ours. This convention was run by the chairman’s gavel. ... “It’s my bat, my ball, and he [Marron] struck out.”

Ooooh, how autocratic! Weh and his pals probably think Robert's Rules are un-American. Order before democracy! And I wonder why they're so paranoid about people taking pics or taping the proceedings.

According to St. Cyr, Jeff Wright, state field director of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaign, was also closed out of the meeting (at least the SCC meeting portion):

"What we want is the beginning of a recognition that the Republican Party has gone far afield," said Wright ... It's not about the man, it's the message. The Republican Party is damn near about to go off the tracks."

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