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Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary Says She and McCain Ready for Presidency, Not Obama

If this isn't the most disloyal statement by a Democrat running for the nomination in decades, I don't know what it is. Coming down to the wire in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton is praising John McCain as she bashes Obama. I'll say that again -- she's praising McCain. According to a statement Hillary made to reporters at a press conference in Fort Worth today, only she and McCain have the "experience" necessary to be president.

The irony about the "experience" she cites is demonstrated in the second part of the video above, while she's making her Senate floor statement supporting her vote for Bush's Iraq invasion. She cites her "experience" of eight years in the White House to justify her vote. Got that? Her EXPERIENCE convinced her to vote for Bush's unilateral war based on lies -- lies that multitudes around the globe saw through from the get go. And the life experience-rich McCain? He voted right along with Hillary to get us into this horror. Apparently, it's that same "experience" that's convincing him it would be peachy keen to stay in Iraq for 100 more years.

Criticizing Obama's experience is one thing. Comparing him unfavorably to the loose cannon who is the presumptive Repub nominee is shameful, in my view. She's starting to sound like Joe Lieberman. The line has been crossed.

A reporter at the press conference did probe further about Clinton's claim that she's read to be commander-in-chief on "day one."

When asked at the press conference if she could name a particular instance in her past that equips her to deal with a national security crisis, Clinton balked, saying, “Well, I was involved in a lot of the decisions that were made. Again, you are looking at it from the wrong perspective,” Clinton said. “You know, no one who hasn’t been president has done that, so that’s not the right question. The question is, what have you done over the course of that lifetime to equip you for that moment?”

What HAS she done in terms of foreign policy or national security? Anyone know? Does cleaning up after Bill's messes count?

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This is beyond the pale. What judgement does this bashing of Obama show? You know at one time I thought well of Mrs. Clinton, now it is gone. In this day with the strong need to come together she is being as divisive as the people who got this country deep into this mess. What kind of a leader will she be if she is this divisive to her own party?

There was a post on this site just over a week ago. It was on Mrs. Clinton's behavior and distortion of the facts. Many people within our community made comments to this post. Angry comments. Angry comments at this website for being negative about Mrs. Clinton. Go back and read some - it was on 2/25.

It always surprises me the loudest voices about how this website is hating someone.....write in the most offensive hateful manner. Reminds me of what Mrs. Clinton is doing. Or better yet really what Karl Rove does and what Bush and Cheney do.

IF Mrs. Clinton does win this nomination in the end, she will have much much mending to do. In fact the fabric which holds people together may be too far gone.

Posted by: mary ellen | Mar 4, 2008 7:34:56 AM

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