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Friday, February 22, 2008

NM-03: IBEW, Builders Endorse Luján

From Ben R. Luján' for Congress:
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 611 on Thursday joined all 18 unions of the New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council in endorsing Public Regulation Commissioner Ben R. Luján for New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District.

IBEW represents 2,600 electrical workers from across New Mexico. The Building and Construction Trades Council, which represents about 6,000 workers, is a collective of 18 union locals, and all 18 voted to endorse Luján.

"Commissioner Luján's labor record is impeccable. He has working American families in his heart and in his mind. That's what we look for when we choose a candidate - that working people are at the top of their list," said Antonio Cruz, political coordinator for Local 611.

"I am honored to have the support of organized labor," Commissioner Luján said. "Labor unions have a long history of standing up for hard-working families, and I have been proud to support them. There's no better partner in the fight for the middle class than organized labor."

"For all his accomplishments, his strong leadership, his democracy and his will to be a strong advocate for New Mexico, the affiliated Unions of the New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council voted unanimously to endorse Ben Ray Luján for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District," NMBCTC president Jerry Romero said.

NMBCTC includes Asbestos Workers #76, Boilermakers #627, Bricklayers & Tile Setters #3, Electrical Workers #583, Electrical Workers #611, Elevator Constructors #131, Iron Workers #263, Iron Workers #495, Laborers #16, MWRC of Carpenters, Operating Engineers #953, Painters & Allied Trades #823, Plasterers & Cement Masons #254, Plumbers & Pipe Fitters #412, Roofers #123, Sheet Metal Workers #49, Sprinkler Fitters #669 and Teamsters #492. 

Ben R. Lujan is a New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner and former PRC chairman. He has been a strong advocate for consumers' rights and better access to health care and a leading proponent of renewable-energy development. His PRC district includes much of Northern New Mexico and many of the counties in Congressional District 3.

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Hahaha, yeah right...Lujan's "record"??? Comon, lets all look at this for what it is, anyone that has any ties to any state money are being literally threatened by Ben Ray's dad. I have several friends that are lobbyists, where Ben Lujan, Sr. went up to them, and said, literally, "max out to my son, give him $2,300 or none of your bills are getting through". That is seriously messed up, but no one is talking about that. This state continues to roll along in the stone ages.

Oh, and Ben Ray was deputy state treasurer? Does anyone remember what the past 2 state treasurers were doing a year ago? Oh yeah, they were in court facing multiple corruption charges they were eventually found guilty of.

Why isn't Ben Ray Lujan in jail? Probably because his daddy got him out of it, just like he got him a job when he was working in a casino as a blackjack dealer, just like he got him elected to the PRC.

For Ignorance.

Posted by: Bazzle | Feb 23, 2008 7:33:20 PM

Sounds like your Lobbyist friends are pissed off and trying to get back at the speaker, sorry he didnt pass you lobbyist maybe they can just leave a bag of money at your doorstep instead!

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 24, 2008 5:07:57 PM

I have personally known Ben Ray Lujan for nearly 20 years and can attest to his dedication to the people and families of New Mexico. When it came time to make sure that fire departments across the state received the full funding of the fire fund it was Ben Ray who stayed at the legislature day and night, lobbying on behalf of the hard working men and women of New Mexico, to get the job done. I am appalled that someone who does not know him, has never worked with him, and has never bothered to get to know his record would post such garbage as Bazzle has, because anyone who knows Ben Ray and has had the privilege to work with him knows the IBEW made the right choice in their endorsement.

Posted by: Woodstock | Feb 26, 2008 10:23:16 AM

Brazzle sounds like a Wiviott staffer, because that's a bald-faced lie. The Speaker would never, ever do that, and anyone who has met him or worked with him knows it. He's an honest, honorable man.

This sneaky campaign to try to implicate his son is ridiculous, too. I don't think the Speaker of the New Mexico House has too much sway with federal prosecutors. Ben Ray Lujan was never implicated in any way, shape or form, and starting a whisper campaign is a real cheap shot.

Posted by: whatever | Feb 26, 2008 8:37:16 PM

Just questioning the man...don't see anything wrong with that. I've met ben ray before, seems like he's a real nice guy. Doesn't mean I think he's qualified for Congress in comparison to the other candidates.

Posted by: Bazzle | Feb 28, 2008 2:17:59 PM