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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Petition Signatures Being Gathered for Recall of Sally Mayer

Four faces of Sally. All photos courtesy M. G. Bralley

There's an effort underway to gather signatures for a petition to require a referendum on recalling Sally Mayer. Mayer is the Republican City Councilor from Albuquerque's who's been such a pal to faux-Democratic Mayor Marty Chavez. You may remember that Chavez supported Mayer in her Fall reelection bid against Democrat Marianne Dickinson and two others.

Sally has also been joined at the hip to Chavez in his neverending struggle to grant corporate developers unfettered freedom, and award contracts to any and all comers who "contribute" large dollar amounts to his campaign fund. She worked with Chavez's cronies in helping to kill the referendum to raise Albuquerque's minimum wage last Fall as well. She also voted against the Council's more recent and successful measure to raise the minimum wage.

Recall that both Marty Chavez and Sally Mayer are charter members of our Ethics Hall of Shame, along with City Councilors Ken Sanchez and Craig Loy, for successfully killing Councilor Brad Winter's ethics and campaign finance reform package.

Mayer2_1The recall petition effort is being led by attorney Penni Adrian and has until July 14 to gather the required 3,055 signatures from registered voters in District 7. If the effort is successful, the city must hold an election within 90 days. A website will be up soon at www.recallsallymayer.org and other measures are being taken to support the effort.

Volunteers will be walking the District 7 precincts during the next three weekends to gather signatures. If you're interested in helping, email penni@adrian-law.

As to the long, strange saga of Mayer's misbehavior, rudeness, ignorance of the law and shenanigans while serving on Albuquerque's City Council, there's a detailed story accompanied by illuminating photographs by local blogger M.G. Bralley on What's Wrong With This Picture. Bralley thinks Sally is Albuquerque's second worst City Councilor in history, outdone only by Tina Cummins, who's a fellow realtor. Coming in third is Cummins' brother, Tim. Quite a trio.

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I am embarrassed every time I have to watch Sally Mayer on the council. She is my city councilor and all I can think when i watch her is this is what it has come to. Some short attention span, rude, hyperactive councilor who cares far more about animals then humans.

Her ridiculous recent animal bill is an example of her protection of animals to the extreme and any vote that is for the people she votes NO. She championed the new super walmart to be built at an historic hoffantown intersection. She could not even vote on it herself because she was in bed with the developers or someone, taking the money! She is the poster child of the hall of shame - corrupt/no ethics at all. I guess the poster would be a split image of her with marty. I hear they are dating anyways.

Well all you readers, if you can spare a few hours come and help district 7 get a recall on this crook. Let's have a new election. Marianne Dickinson was runnig against her last October. She did real good, and without the spin of the minimum wage hysteria, quite possibly a more human human being could win this council seat.

Posted by: Mary Ellen | Jun 15, 2006 12:17:24 PM

I am wholehearted for this recall. Mostly because Mayer is a rude, pompous, uninformed, dishonest and crooked councilor. But also for her stupid and unenforceable animal law.

She's a carpet bagger anyway and moved into the district at the urging of developers so she could push their crap.

But it may be even worse that she is so close with the mayor. What kind of a Democrat is he? Crooks hang together I guess.

Posted by: Dist. 7 Dem | Jun 15, 2006 3:45:24 PM

Does any one realize she doesn't even own the home she's in, it's a rental! It's no wonder she doesnt care about what happens in our neighborhood; Walmart, speedbumps, people!

Posted by: Janette Brown | Jun 16, 2006 8:32:10 AM

Janette, I don't think most people in the district know that. They should. She tries to pass herself off as representing the people but she is in bed with people associated with Walmart and others who could care less about the people who live here.

Posted by: Bob | Jun 16, 2006 8:49:12 AM

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