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Sunday, June 03, 2012

David Coss Files Ethics Complaint Against Republican Front Group Reform New Mexico Now and Urges Immediate Investigation

David Coss filed an Ethics Complaint today asking Secretary of State Dianna Duran and Attorney General Gary King to immediately investigate the actions of Governor Susana Martinez, her campaign consultant Jay McCleskey, Susana PAC, the Reform New Mexico Now political committee and any other entities involved, for illegally hiding money from voters and failure to disclose the formation of their political committee in a timely manner.

Download A-120529 reform nm now ethics receipt
Download B-120531 susana pac report
Download C-120531 reform new mexico SOS report
Download D-120531 reform new mexico SOS report AMENDED

Reform New Mexico Now is Susana Martinez’s Republican front group funded by Governor Martinez’s major oil and gas donors from Artesia, NM. They are spending over $200,000 in Democratic primaries across the state. This Republican oil and gas PAC has endorsed Carl Trujillo for House District 46.

David Coss said: “It is outrageous that Susana Martinez would get involved in a Democratic primary, especially in northern Santa Fe County and then try to hide her involvement from the voters.”

Coss campaign manager Sandra Wechsler added, “We’ve wondered all along where Carl Trujillo stands. Now we know – with Republican Governor Susana Martinez and big oil and gas.”

Reform New Mexico Now sent mailers to Democrats in HD46 endorsing Carl Trujillo and attacking Coss on Friday and Saturday. The election is June 5th.

DFNM editorial two cents:
Thank you Mayor Coss for connecting the dots here and discovering violations of campaign PAC money raised by Governor Martinez. Gov Martinez ran her campaign on stomping out corruption in NM. NO more "Pay to Play". No more cronyism. The longer Martinez is in the office the more she violates her own promises to the people of New Mexico. The buck stops with Gov Martinez.

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The woman has no ethics, no scruples, no morals where politics is concerned.

Martinez is the perfect example of why being a "woman" is not better in the political sphere than being a "man." There is no difference between them when bad political behavior, blind personal ambition, greed or a corrupt electoral outcome is at the root of their motivation.

When will the voters catch on? The sooner the better, I hope.

Posted by: bg | Jun 3, 2012 6:57:22 PM