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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NM Indy Media Show to Focus on Secretary of State Race and Ethics

On Friday, June 2nd, at 7:00 PM, Suzanne Prescott will host Albuquerque cable channel 27’s NM Indy Media “Live” show. She'll have interviews with NM Secretary of State candidates Shirley Hooper, Mary Herrera and Stephanie Gonzales. Matt Brix, Executive Director of Common Cause NM, will be the live guest and will talk about the three candidates in terms of their responses to a questionnaire distributed by his organization. He’ll also talk about the need for campaign finance reform and clean and fair elections. You're encouraged to call in live during the show.

You can also watch the show streamed live nationwide on Channel 27's website.

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Damn- the Alb Trib endorsed Herrera. No mention of all the screw -ups her office has had under her "leadership." No mention of her oposition to Verifiable Paper Ballots.
At least they got it right with the Auidtor. Tom Buckner....hands down over Armijo. Anyone have a breakdown of all of Armijo's traffic tickets? I know there were a bunch including some for failure to appear, no insurance plus the speeding ones.

Tribune article

Posted by: PlacitasRoy | May 31, 2006 9:00:33 PM

I basically have to copy and paste what I said in a previous comment to the "Sound Off: Ethics in Politics - Wouldn't That Be Nice!" The person above aimlessly roams the internet looking for blogs to reply to. He is always griping or complaining, but never suggesting solutions or developing a plan of action. That is because neither he nor the candidate that he supports for Auditor has one. In the Army we have a saying, "Be apart of the solution, not the problem." Jeff Armijo has a clear Plan for New Mexico. You can read it on his website www.jeffarmijo.com He did not run his campaign pandering to the "sexy" issues of the day in order to receive endorsements. He is running his campaign based on the issues that every New Mexican faces each day and will face in the future. He has ran a very humble and dignified campaign that will make every New Mexico Democrat proud! If his opponents would spend less time on the internet or sending out spineless anonymous mailings and more time knocking on doors or calling to actually talk to voters personally he just might have had a chance.

I basically have to copy and paste what I said in a previous comment to the "Sound Off: Ethics in Politics - Wouldn't That Be Nice!"

I agree with you Terry, lack of ethics and negative campaigning do contribute to a lower voter turnout. It's worse when you put both of them together! I know of a certain candidate who is allowing this combination to continue and it is NOT achieving what he originally was aiming to do. Instead recipients of this organized and expensive yet "anonymous" mailing have been giving feedback such as, "it's garbage," "I have thrown it out," or "it only has made me want to campaign against (the sender)." It is sickening being that it is a Democrat that is participating in this type of cowardly slander, being that we are supposed to be the party of character. We are also supposed to be the party that encourages large voter turn out and we know that these types of antics discourage participation. They are the same antics of Tom Delay, but what can you expect from a carpet bagging west-Texan in New Mexico Democrat clothing!?

Posted by: WestsideVoter | Jun 1, 2006 9:47:20 AM

Well westside this should really get your pantie in a wad.
So Jeff's got a plan....I prefer he answered the Trib reporter's question about his arrest. I just posted it to the New Mexican.

The Alb Trib did a story aout the auditor’s race this morning. 6-1. I was struck by Armijo’s arrogance and evasiveness. His response just confirms my decision to vote for Buckner. Were Armijo to win, the Repug would only have to use his quotes for GREAT negative ads and a sure win….unless of course he has more crap in his closet than Armijo. . (Trib’s comments in quotes)

“Armijo accused Buckner of distributing information on his background; Buckner denied that.” Tom's denial is good enough for me. But, even if Buckner did, if the flyer was true, what’s the problem? I know that I saw the flyers at the pre-primary convention and tried to find one later. I know Bucker wasn’t able to get me one of them, and I am a supporter of his. – though not in ANY way connected with his campaign. I was able to track down the flyer and found it liberaly footnoted and think it was accurate.

“When asked whether he had been arrested, Armijo declined to comment.” Isn’t that what Dubya said when asked about his cocaine habit?

"I'm not going to answer that because it's irrelevant," he said. What arrogance. I for one feels it is HIGHLY relevant! Shouldn’t integrity be a prerequisite?

“Armijo said his past isn't an issue.” It sure as hell is to me and should be for EVERY voter! “"I have shaken hands with thousands of people, and not anybody has brought it up," he said. “ Maybe because they didn’t know about it?


Buckner stands head and shoulders above this aroogant, unqualified, and immature young man.

Jeff is the poster boy for the old army saying..it's an old navy saying, but I guess the amry has it too: If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'e, woth Bushit.
BTW: I do have a plan....work like hell to take back the party and my country.

Posted by: PlacitasRoy | Jun 1, 2006 1:17:01 PM

btw: "The person above aimlessly roams the internet looking for blogs to reply to."
It ain't aimless, it is quite restricted just 2)and it is purposful.

Just doin' my part to Educate, Motivate, and Agitate. And if that pisses off the old party hacks, so be it.

Just out of curiosity if anyone knows of a newspaper that has have endosed Jeff could someone post it? How did they deal with his lack of finacial training and background?

Posted by: PlacitasRoy | Jun 1, 2006 2:45:36 PM

PlacitasRoy has little to talk about training
just check out his spelling in all his comments
Endorsements: Jeff Armijo has not aggressively
sought out organization endorsements because
this office should remain as independant as
possible.However Jeff has the most important
endorsement. In March ordinary New Mexicans met
in Alb. from every county in the state and 70%
of individual New Mexicans endorsed Jeff.Roy's
candidate, Buckner stated he is 65 years old
and has over 45 years experience and a degree.
Do the math, Buckner was 20 when he got his
degree and had one of the top jobs he lists on
his card.Check it out in google, "associates"
do not do Audits in FDIC, check any major bank,
Senior Mgrs do not do Audits, they "examine"
transactions. With this experience, Buckner has
no written articles in any publications. Blood
hound experience? The things in Santa Fe
happened on his watch while working in the Fraud
Unit. What did he do about it? He is a current
political appointee. Buckner has not resigned.
Roy, your candidate is using taxpayer paid full
time state employees to run his campaign. Lisa
Martinez is Buckner's Division Director and she
is clearly printed on his campaign material as
his campaign Treasurer. Come on Roy..growup If
you want the truth about Jeff, call the Socorro
Co. Magistrate and you will find out the arrest
warrant was an error. I am not going to explain
everything because I don't believe in this
double standard thing you promote. Answer?

Posted by: Si Se Puede Dem | Jun 1, 2006 6:00:02 PM

"just check out his spelling in all his comments'
Probably typos. What part did you not understand? Picking on the spelling because you can't attack the facts is really intellectually dishonest. Pretty telling about the strength of your arguments.

If you want to call Buckner "my candidate" thats fine with me, but while I support him and will vote for him, the extent of my involvement in his campaign has been limited to passing out his campaign postcards, posting a comment or two here ant there, putting a sign in front of my house and recommending him to my friends and aquaintances. I haven't even donated to his campaign. I think the designation of him as "my candidate" is somewhat an exageration in implication. Heck, to quite a few folks, because of my temper, passion, sense of ethics, and moral outrage I probably don't even reflect well on him. I darn sure don't speak for him.

"I don't believe in this double standard thing you promote" What double standard thing?
"Answer?" About what?

"He [Buckner] is a current political appointee." And the problem with that is?

"Buckner has not resigned." And your point is? Neither has Richardson, Madrid, Denish, Zamora, Herrera, (who is in a position to influence the election outcome and didn't even take a Leave of Absence)among others. But Buckner is on an unpaid leave of absence is he not? Ethical enough for me.

"your candidate is using taxpayer paid full time state employees to run his campaign" And she has no free time? She's doing it on State time? Then the ethical thing for you to do is document it and file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

If I hadn't made up my mind before the pre-primary convention, the immature dazzle 'em with Bushit convinced me. What an immature exibition.

"If you want the truth about Jeff, call the Socorro
Co. Magistrate and you will find out the arrest warrant was an error." I should waste my time becasue Jeff refused to answer a simple direct question? Dream on.

And don't give this ethical crap about raising these issues, because the Repukes will definately raise them and beat him with to death with them. Jeff is immature and unqualified and definately beatable by an aggressive Repuke campaign.

He didn't answer direct and applicable questions. I wouldn't hire him to run a fast food joint.

If you have any proof of resume inflation about Buckner's qualifications, I'd hope you'd publish it, because the Repukes surely will.

Posted by: PlacitasRoy | Jun 1, 2006 9:24:12 PM

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