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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Factoids: Marty, Mary, Pete, Dems

Martymoney_2 Mayor Marty and Mary Herrera: When you're thinking about who to vote for in the Democratic primary for Secretary of State, think about this fact: Republican-lite Mayor Marty Chavez hosts a downtown luncheon fundraiser for Mary Herrera. Yes, the Mary who battled the adoption of a paper ballot voting system during the last Legislative Session. She even dutifully recited Republican talking points at committee hearings. Now she has the backing of Albuquerque's most Republican-leaning Dem -- the man who scrounged more big donations from real estate, financial and development interests that any Republican in his last mayoral race. Follow the money (and the anti-paper ballot attitude) on this one.

Mayor Marty and Pete Domenici: I also recommend contemplating that Mayor Marty recently revealed that he's backing Republican Senator Pete Domenici when he runs for another term in 2008. Quite a Dem, ain't he? Personally I think the Democratic Party should "encourage" Marty to officially become a Republican instead of allowing him to continue his masquerade as a Dem. I can't imagine any real Democrat endorsing a Republican candidate like Domenici, who has fought tooth and nail to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, among Pete's many other dastardly deeds in direct conflict with the core beliefs of Democrats. Then again, Mary probably gets "campaign contributions" from many of the same big spenders as Domenici. Birds of afeather flock together.

Wertheim_1Democratic Party Poopers: Then again, I don't think our weak, underfunded, nonresponsive, dismissive and inactive State Party leaders are capable of doing much these days outside of ignoring emails and phone calls from Dem Party members. And sending out pleas for donations while refusing to provide any degree of transparancy in how they operate, what kind of outreach or other activities they are pursuing or how the money gets spent.

You may recall that the Party's State Central Committee overwhelmingly passed motions at its March meeting to require a regular audit of the Party's books, as well as the appointment of members to a new budget oversight committee and a renewed affirmative action/reachout committee. There have also been many unanswered suggestions for creating a strong platform to replace the jumbled mess that was passed by using parliamentary procedure to stop proposed changes.

Not one peep about any progress on these initiatives has been heard since they were passed this Spring. I hear that messages left for Party Chair John Wertheim from members about matters like the affirmative action - outreach commiteee have been ignored. I can't imagine what would cause a Party leader to refuse to answer calls from members wanting to initiate actions to help build the Party, can you?

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Great stuff here. I wrote about Marty & Pete this morning, too. Great reminder about Mary Herrera for Tuesday... thanks.

Posted by: Maggie | May 31, 2006 1:00:01 PM

Thanks Maggie. Anyone reading here should also go read Maggie's take on her blog m-pyre on this and the progressive movement that IS happening:

Party Allegiance Runs Thin

Posted by: barb | May 31, 2006 2:04:53 PM

I have to comment that having read your website, I see many arenas where you haven't done your homework regarding the candidates.

Is this site still run by Dean's brother for "legal purposes"? If so, that explains the lack of research so evident to those in the know.

Such activity causes great harm. There is a big important reason why Richardson is backing Shirley Hooper.

As a Democrat I would rather vote for a person who recieved money the legal way as opposed to stealing it.

Good luck in the future. I hope the damage you have caused can be contained.

Please, for the love of God, start doing your homework in regard to New Mexico politics.

Posted by: Edge | May 31, 2006 2:46:03 PM

Edge: This site is run by me. The opinions expressed are entirely independent of DFA, if that's what you're talking about as far as Howard Dean's brother goes. The only exception is when we agree with something DFA proposes and we put up a post clearly identified as coming from them. You're the one not doing your homework.

Unfortunately, you seem to believe you have all the correct information on candidates. I see what you post over at the New Mexican and other places. It is usually inaccurate, often unfair and mostly representative of the fact that you support certain candidates and can't believe everyone doesn't agree with you.

Many of the candidates have met our members and spoken at our Meetups and discussed their positions and qualifications. Decisions are not being made on nothing -- they're being made precisely because people have done their homework.

Believe me, almost to a person, everyone who worked on election reform and the paper ballots issue over many months has a very negative opinion of the honesty and views of Mary Herrera. The majority of Dems I talk to are supporting Stephanie Gonzales strongly. Just as many like Shirley Hooper alot, but like Gonzales even more.

Just because Governor Richardson supports a candidate doesn't necessarily impress other Dems. Sometimes just the opposite.

From what I can tell, you comment on blogs mostly to spread vague rumors of nasty goings on with candidates you don't support, while holding yourself up as an important insider who is, as you say, "in the know." I hope people will take what you say with the appropriatel sized grain of salt.

Posted by: barb | May 31, 2006 3:45:32 PM

I think it's funny this Edge thinks anyone like Dean's brother dictates what goes on this site. I'm not even surprised that Chavez is supporting Domenici. Chavez was once a real Democrat but now he is just a money grubbing machine. He thinks he's king.

Posted by: Old Dem | May 31, 2006 5:20:19 PM

Shirley Hooper testified before the legislature in 1984 to recommend a statewide paper ballot system. Talk about being ahead of the times. When everyone else wanted to use new technology, Shirley knew that a verifiable and auditable paper trail was best. And despite Mary’s best efforts, we finally have one.

Posted by: josh | May 31, 2006 5:46:53 PM

Barb, I stand by my comment. You have proved my point that you have not done your homework. I am rarely "inaccurate", that is why I have not been sued. In the rare case that I have posted incorrect information, I am the first to apologize and correct myself.

You are welcome to your opinion based on experience and so am I. If you do not like a fact I suggest that you discontinue your invitation for readers to post a comment.

Old Dem, that information came directly from the Democratic National Committee.

Posted by: Edge | Jun 1, 2006 5:31:15 AM

What comment are you standing by? That Jim Dean writes this blog? Too funny. As you do at other sites, you make some vague comment about information coming directly from the Democratic National Committee. What info are you talking about? Can you give me a cite to where the DNC makes a statement that supports anything you have said?

PS People aren't sued for posting inaccurate info on a blog or there sure would be alot of suits!

Posted by: barb | Jun 1, 2006 8:12:41 AM

Hey edge....if you had any real courage and really believed in your well founded information you would post your real name and let us know what kind of "in the know" person you are. But no....what i see is another bully coward, hiding behind some stupid made up name.
One of many on this medium these days. Gosh what happened to men like you to be so cowardly. For the love of god, grow some balls!

Posted by: Mary Ellen | Jun 1, 2006 11:06:35 AM

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