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Friday, July 23, 2004

Dean to Speak at Democratic Convention

donkeyJust a heads up today. The following announcement was sent out from DFA about Howard Dean speaking at the Democratic Convention in Boston next week. Afterwards he'll talk to supporters live on the DFA site.

Dear Supporter,

On Tuesday night next week, Governor Dean will speak in primetime to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. And immediately after his speech he will be talking to you.

The Governor is scheduled to speak on Tuesday night. Immediately after his remarks to a packed house at the Fleet Center and Americans watching at home, he will speak directly to Democracy for America supporters.

After you watch the speech, head straight for your computer and democracyforamerica.com.

You will be able to listen live on our web site as the Governor makes special remarks to supporters and takes questions from Dean Dozen candidates and grassroots leaders on a nationwide conference call.

Start planning now to watch Governor Dean at the Democratic National Convention -- invite friends, family and neighbors over to join you. You can plan your event using Organize for America, our grassroots event planner:


And be sure to check the blog regularly for the latest from the ground in Boston. We will have updated news, photos and reports about Governor Dean and Democracy for America at the convention:

Next week will kick off the home stretch of this election. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday and join us online as we celebrate.

Thank you for all that you do.

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democracy for America


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The two best lines of the first evening of the convention came from - no surprise - Bill Clinton.

"They need a divided nation. We don't."

"Wisdom and strength are not opposing virtues."

A transcript of his speech can be found at https://tinyurl.com/5qp6z . You can watch a video of it at https://www.c-span.org.

Gore was also powerful, again showing us the style and the passion that I wish he had shown 4 years ago. But then, we've all changed since 2000, haven't we?

Posted by: John McAndrew | Jul 26, 2004 11:13:58 PM

Agree on Clinton. What a blockbuster of a speech. The man can put things in plain English and retain his soft touch at the same time. I'm not a big fan of alot of things Clinton did, but I have to say he had me up cheering last night with that speech that built so steadily toward a bunch of punctuating crescendos! I think he'll be very effective on the campaign trail this time.

Gore did a good needling job without getting too riled. Must be very difficult indeed considering. Funny repeat of "the kiss."

Carter, though obviously aging, skewered BushCo neatly from the perspective of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, evangelical Christian gentleman (in the best sense) and renowned dipilomat and peacemaker. How can you question his impeccable credibility?

Hillary needs to take some oration lessons. Montotone to the max.

That reverend who served on Kerry's swiftboat was terrific. All passion and prose.

I love to see all the wacky delegates in crazy hats, covered with buttons and dressed in everything under the sun. THIS is the Democratic Party LOL! But I'm a sucker for conventions. I love the corny 70s music. I love the melodramatic video puff pieces. I even love the boring speeches of some that build to the exciting speeches as things progress. I can't help myself.

Patti LaBelle! Great closer.

Posted by: barb in albq | Jul 27, 2004 11:56:23 AM

Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean asked me to thank Howard. I always do what the doctor tells me. (If you would also like to make a contribution, use the URL attached to this message.) I was pleased to see that, after making a donation, there was a page to offer comments. Here are mine.

Dear Governor Dean,

I am one of the core people in Democracy for Santa Fe. I love getting up in the morning to do my work, for which I am not being remunerated. My payment will come on November 3, when I read the headline that says "Kerry Wins in Landslide: Congress goes Democratic". At that time I will know that I helped to make that happen. I didn't sit around, bitching and moaning, hoping it would happen. I put my shoulder to the grindstone that used to be a millstone, and pushed.

Everything I do in this cause is because you set me in motion. When I speak in front of 100+ people at our party to watch Sen. Kerry accept the nomination, I will be there because you emboldened me. When I print up absentee ballot forms, it's because you empowered me. When I make phone calls to speakers and organizers and other activists, seeking to synergize the efforts in Northern New Mexico, it's because you inspired me.

I believed you when you said "YOU have the power". Yes, I do. And you deserve the credit for my finally plugging in and using it.

I, too, wish you had received that ovation on Thursday, and not Tuesday. I still yearn for what could have been. But I have the hope that comes from seeing a glimmer, a spark of the light that could be, that helps me to orient myself in the dark. Keep striking off sparks, Howard. One day we will see clearer for the sparks we all strike off.

With deep gratitude,

John McAndrew
Democracy for Santa Fe
Rapid Response Network of New Mexico

Posted by: John McAndrew | Jul 28, 2004 1:51:29 PM

Excellent letter, John! Think I'll follow your lead and go contribute and leave some comments. Emboldened. That's the word.

Posted by: barb in albq | Jul 28, 2004 4:23:29 PM

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