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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Alternet's Special Election Coverage for NM

The news site Alternet has started a special section on New Mexico in it's election coverage. Here's the link:


One of the articles, "New Mexico Trending Blue" by Don Hazen, says that recent political dynamics and voter mobilization efforts give a positive outlook for Democrats in New Mexico in 2004. Check this out:

A Zogby Interactive Poll released on July 14, which tracks the New Mexico numbers for the presidential race every two weeks, had Kerry leading Bush 49% to 42%, with Nader at 3% and undecided at 6%. A July 9th American Research Group poll had almost identical numbers, with 49% of likely voters for Kerry if the presidential election were being held today, and 42% for Bush. A total of 3% of likely voters say they would vote for Ralph Nader and 6% of likely voters said they were undecided.
If this trend continues, and it is hard to see it shifting, it suggests that Democrats, who have targeted the Southwest as an area of opportunity, should worry less about New Mexico – where they are well organized and have a number of electoral advantages over the GOP – and worry more about neighboring states in contention like Nevada, where the political dynamics are less favorable.

Sounds like a good place to check in regularly for election year news focused on our state. If you donate at least $30 to Alternet, you can get a DVD of Robert Greenwald's powerful new "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism." To learn more about this expose of the biases of Fox News (or is that Faux News?), go here:


MoveOn.org is doing a petition based on this movie to demand that the FCC prevent Fox News from using the deceptive and misleading trademark 'Fair and Balanced.'" It's also running an ad in the New York Times criticizing Fox which you can see at the Outfoxed link. You can sign the petition here:


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