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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Birds and Bees Blogging


From the looks of this erotic, pollen-packed bloom on our Christmas cactus, we are in immediate need of bees. I find it rather strange that a Christmas cactus is still blooming as Albuquerque heads into a very early Spring, but with the polar icepacks melting and no moisture falling here for countless moons, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at anything these days.


We may be in need of bees, but we have the birds, including Sunny Bunny the sun conure, above. This morning he took a bath in his water dish with Spring-like abandon. Afterwards he spent more than an hour preening and trying to break the quills that will release his new Spring feathers. He likes to rub against the rag-tag toy behind him to help in this project. Out damn quills! Baby Sunny is starting to look very dapper these days, don't you think? He's the bees' knees!

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