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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Bird Blogging: Dia De Los Muertos-Halloween Edition


With the potential dangers of bird flu being hyped day and night, Bosco the peach-faced lovebird has been contemplating the underlying messages of the coming Day of the Dead and Halloween holidays. Of course in the photo above he may look more interested in chewing Fall leaves, but rest assured his mind is chewing on larger philosophical concepts.


As you can see, he feels a special affinity for the green skeleton because it provides such a stunning background for his electric green feathers. And he admitted to me he thinks this pose makes him look scary and bold to the parakeets in the house.


However, even brave Bosco gets his feathers ruffled by thoughts of his own mortality. That's why he's planning to fly over to tonight's burning of Kookooee (also known as El Cucui or Coco) in Albuquerque's South Valley. He's looking forward to writing a note about his fears for the coming year and having it burned with Kookooee at the Festival de Otoño. He's no bird brain.

(Click on images for larger versions.)

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Aye, matey!

Posted by: SL | Oct 30, 2005 2:03:47 PM


Posted by: mary ellen | Nov 1, 2005 6:58:37 PM

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