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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Host a November 15 DNC National Organizing Kickoff Event

Editor's Note: Mary Ellen and I will be hosting one of these November 15th house parties for our precinct and neighborhood. Besides providing an opportunity to get together with neighbors to encourage them to get more involved, these events will feature a conference call with Howard Dean. It would be great if we had a host for a party in every precinct. You don't have to be a precinct or ward officer to host one. You can learn more about the events, sign up to host one or find one to attend by visiting the DNC's National Organizing Kickoff page.

20051024_eventsbtnFrom DNC Chair Howard Dean:
On November 15th, thousands of Democrats will experience our 50-state strategy up close and in person.

In many places there are vitally important elections in just a few weeks -- but we can't afford to stop organizing and stop building after Election Day. Next year's elections will be a national referendum on the Republican culture of corruption in Washington and in the states. We cannot wait until a few months before the election to get ready -- we need to start organizing right now.

On the evening of November 15th, ordinary Americans will open up their homes to their friends and neighbors for a night of planning and action -- our National Organizing Kickoff.

Will you host an Organizing Kickoff meeting on November 15th? It's easy, and you can get started right away:


Hosts of National Organizing Kickoff meetings can download all of the materials for a successful meeting. Information from the national and state party will include a briefing on our party-building efforts nationally and locally, a survey of the political landscape in your state and information about opportunities to take action locally.

I will be joining all of the meetings that night in a nationwide conference call.

Every one of us needs to take responsibility for the Democratic organization in our neighborhoods, and this is everyone's opportunity to come together and focus. We have to be organized to get our message out -- we need a network in place now to persuade voters and activate our supporters.

It's up to you to make sure that everyone in your neighborhood is plugged in and ready to do as much as they can. Sign up to host your National Organizing Kickoff event now.

To make an impact everywhere we need to organize everywhere. That's what you mandated, and that's why our party has taken the unprecedented step putting organizers on the ground and building state parties across the country.

The event you host will bring everyone up to speed on our progress, our opportunities and the work ahead. Everyone must commit to working on Election Day 2006 -- but the meeting you host now will help create the road map for a year of sustained commitment until then.

As Republican leaders are investigated and indicted, Americans everywhere are tired of politics as usual. The culture of corruption that Republicans have brought to Washington, DC and statehouses across the country is making more and more people realize that we need change.

Hosting a local Organizing Kickoff meeting is the most important step you can take right now to make sure that our party is in a position to change things next year. When you sign up to be a host you will have access to materials to make planning easy:

You'll be hearing more about these meetings in the coming weeks. Thank you for your time and your commitment to the idea that together, America can do better.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

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I will be hosting one of these too! How about you?

Posted by: El Norte | Oct 28, 2005 10:46:45 AM

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