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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NEWS FLASH: Griego - Winter News Conference on Chavez Fundraiser

I can't believe that Mayor Chavez thinks he can get away with sending city employees on city time to a joint press conference by two of his competitors in the mayoral race. Read all about it in this news release:

Griego, Winter Jointly Call on Chavez to Fully Disclose Fundraiser Information: Mayor Uses City Employees as Shield

City Councilors Eric Griego and Brad Winter on Thursday held a news conference on Civic Plaza calling on Martin Chavez to fully disclose the details of his fundraiser at the home of Angelo Garcia – the convicted bagman in the Vigil-Treasury Scandal. Rather than publicly responding to the councilors’ request, Chavez sent city employees – during city work hours -- and campaign staff to protest and disrupt the press conference.

“Angelo Garcia is one of the most corrupt individuals in our state,” Griego said. “And he hosted a fundraiser for Martin Chavez. The public deserves to know the details of this event to ensure that corruption is not occurring - once again - in our city’s highest office.”

So far, the Chavez campaign has cited three different dollar amounts allegedly raised at the event and they have not disclosed who else attended.

“Martin Chavez needs to come clean to the public immediately,” Winter said. “Who was at the Angelo Garcia fundraiser, how much did they give, and was every donation – cash, check or otherwise – reported correctly in the September 9th finance report?”

Winter added, “If Martin Chavez is upset with the press conference today, he should step forward personally, rather than send hard-working city employees to the event when they should be doing the city’s work.”

City workers attended the news conference at the mayor’s request, including 311 Director Michael Padilla, APD Spokeswoman Trish Ahrensfield, Transit Department Director Peter Behrman, Deputy Transit Director Leonard Garcia, Boards and Commissions Director  Richard Kennedy, several firefighters and others.

Martin Chavez used Angelo Garcia to host a fundraiser for Chavez’s mayoral campaign on August 15. Garcia has been indicted for bilking New Mexico’s senior citizens of close to $1 million. Garcia has also pled guilty to serving as the bagman for Robert Vigil and Michael Montoya.

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To set the record clear, the people who were at civic plaza today are people who support Marty. The people that were there today were not there because they are being paid but rather because they believe in what Marty has done for this city as well as what he will do for this city. The idea that Councilor Griego and Councilor Winter was not only the epitome of dirty politics but really showed there true colors. I AM NOT A CITY EMPLOYEE AND I WAS THERE! This election gets dirtier and dirtier by the day, what happened to integrity, what happened to running a campaign on issues. What do the candidates stand for besides complaining about the mayor? Let’s remember who endorsed Kerry and who endorsed Dean.

Posted by: Ana-Lisa | Sep 29, 2005 11:10:27 PM

Sorry, what's dirty about this election is not that the honest candidates are asking questions that should be answered by Chavez about fundraising at the home of a crook, but that the Mayor has been involved in one scandal after another. Using your logic, calling attention to Nixon's Watergate was "dirty" while the actual crimes of Watergate were not.

It is well known that Chavez pressures city workers and contractors to support him with the implied threat they will be "punished" if they don't.

I believe honesty and ethics are important issues in this election. As to what else the other candidates stand for, I know that Griego stands for raising the minimum wage, thoughful and logical planning for the future, clean elections, dealing with the causes of crime, not just putting people in jail and much more. He has been stating these positions very well at the many forums he has attended for months. Forums where Chavez often cancels at the last moment. I personally have gone to two where Chavez didn't show up. What is he afraid of?

And I know that Winter is appalled at the lack of ethics in city government. Nothing good can happen if high standards of ethics are not upheld and he has a plan to make that happen.

Posted by: Tracy | Sep 30, 2005 9:27:52 AM

At the very least, those employees there on the City's dime should report their pay for that period as donations to the Chavez campaign. My question is, are the rest of us required to report contributions as well, since we're paying their salaries?

Posted by: Derek Bill | Sep 30, 2005 10:20:39 AM

All of the people that were mentioned to be there are on leave. Councilor Winter even asked Leonard Garcia for his P30 and he showed it to him gladly.

Posted by: Ana-Lisa | Sep 30, 2005 12:13:10 PM

Wow, that's alot of people who just happened to be on leave at the same time. Funny how things work out.

Posted by: El Norte | Sep 30, 2005 12:19:16 PM

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