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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Living Wage Petition & Council Action on Heinrich Bill

From Albuquerque Living Wage:

Living Wage Petitioning Underway
In light of the Albuquerque City Council’s & Mayor’s opposition to placing a Living Wage measure on the October ballot, the Campaign launched a direct voter initiative on May 19.  We need to collect 13,393 signatures of registered voters within the City of Albuquerque by July 18 to qualify our measure for the ballot.

Download a Petition NOW!
Go to www.abqlivingwage.org to download the petition, the text of the measure, and instructions today, and help us reach our goal.  We have already collected over 2,400 signatures and are working to collect 27,000 in order to guarantee that we have enough valid signatures to qualify.

The Council Fight Goes on
We have not given up on the Albuquerque City Council, however.  About 190 supporters overwhelmed the opposition and the Council at its special hearing on Councilor Heinrich’s Fair Wage bill on May 25.  Citizens giving testimony in support outnumbered opponents 5 to 1.  Councilor Miguel Gomez also read a letter of support from former Senator John Edwards, who is supporting minimum wage campaigns across the country.  Nevertheless, the Council postponed its vote until Monday, June 6.  The Council will not take testimony on the Fair Wage bill on the 6th, but we encourage people to come, speak during public comment at the start of the meeting, and hold our Council accountable to the will of the people!  Councilors Heinrich, Griego, Gomez, and O’Malley remain in strong support.  Councilors Cadigan and Winter remain skeptical but undecided.

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support the minimum wage now before it is too late.

Posted by: jay diaz | Jun 14, 2005 7:29:28 AM

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