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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Bird-(Dog) Blogging

Today we feature Bird-(Dog) Blogging from our favorite Democrat Abroad, Kathy Flake. Many of you will remember the always-in-motion Kathy from her hard work and creativity on behalf of the Howard Dean and Miles Nelson primary campaigns. She was nonstop. Now she's living in London for a few years with her family and has started her own blog, What Do I Know? (Hey, she knows alot!) Drop by and say hi and you can see more pictures of Bailey the Wonder Dog, as well as savor Kathy's daily musings. I get at least one laugh out of her blog every day. And we all need all we can get of that these days, don't we?

By the way, even though Bailey isn't a bird, he's surely acting like one in these photos, showing a real attraction for trees and perching. Peep peep. And with all that green, green moss on the tree, we know this is NOT the Land of Enchantment....

Bailey demonstrates her Awesome Tree Climbing Ability!

As promised, I'm sending you photos for Sunday Bird Blogging--doggy style!

I got some shots of Bailey demonstrating her Awesome Tree Climbing Ability--the first one's a little blurry, she was moving pretty fast there! I'd put peanuts out for squirrels (trying to entice them to the yard so she can be amused!) but she decided to eat the peanuts herself. The squirrels, having seen this display, no longer taunt her from the branches.

One of the things I love about Britain--everyone loves dogs. That British reserve melts when confronted with a warm nose and chocolate drop eyes!

Kathy Flake

Getting down's always the hard part.

(Click photos for larger images.)

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