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Thursday, December 23, 2004

NM Recount Denied by State Supreme Court

The NM Supreme Court has denied the request of the Green and Libertarian presidential candidates for a recount, as reported in this morning's Albuquerque Journal. No reason for the denial was given in their court order.

Justices Pamela B. Minzner, Patricio M. Serna, Richard C. Bosson and Judge James J. Wechsler concurred. Judge Michael D. Bustamante dissented. State Court of Appeals Judges Bustamante and Wechsler were named to replace Supreme Court Chief Justice Petra Maes and Justice Edward L. Chavez, who recused themselves.

The article quotes Governor Richardson's spokesman Billy Sparks as saying, "The governor believes now more than ever that it's time to look forward and focus on election reform in order to fix the significant problems that arose in the last election."

The Green Party's presidential candididate, David Cobb, said, "The law seemed clear. In fact the law is clear, and I think it's an example of Bill Richardson and the ruling elites of New Mexico simply making a decision that the law won't be followed and the Supreme Court going along with them."

According to the Cobb's attorney, there's still a chance that NM would accept the $1.4 million deposit, although he questioned whether that kind of money could be raised.

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thanks alot gov.
some democracy!!
glad you are for the people!!
nice christmas present!

Posted by: mary ellen | Dec 23, 2004 1:17:26 PM

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