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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Spring Bird Blogging

(Click photo for larger image.)

Bosco the peach-faced lovebird in his new traveling cage. Dig the palm trees! As you can see, the "window" shades can be up or down, we can secure the cage  with a seatbelt in a car and it has a pair of straps for carrying the cage like a backpack and one at the top for toting by hand. The top zips open, as shown, for toy or food storage. Very cool.

Bosco has one of his very favorite toys on the left, with a cowbell obscured by the hanging strings. If you ask him to ring the bell, he runs and does it. He is one smart cookie. You can see his blue "muff" hanging from the front of the cage. This is where he crawls in and sleeps every night, all cozy and lying down, taking the load off his feet.

This photo was taken on Bosco's first extended trip, down to Socorro for the State Central Committee meeting. He did quite well and was very curious about everything he saw.

Next up is his first camping trip. Later this month we'll be heading down with some friends to Caballo Lake or Percha Dam on the Rio Grande with our little Dolphin-Toyota rig:


It will be Bosco's first night in Gypsy Melody, which we purchased late last year at bargain rates from some bluegrass lovers--hence the name. (One of the previous owners is shown in this photo.) For the first time in many months we'll be spending a weekend entirely free of political activities. Brings a smile to our faces.

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