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OFA Launches Radio Ads Hailing Work of Heinrich, Other House Democrats

MHeinrichNote: Rep. Martin Heinrich held a tele-town hall on health care reform with more than 5,000 constituents on July 29. Rep. Heinrich answered a variety of questions from callers about reform. Click to listen to a recording of the call.

As Members of the House of Representatives return to their districts this week for the month-long Congressional recess, twenty-three Democrats will be greeted with radio ads from Organizing for America (OFA). OFA is a project of the DNC dedicated to passing President Obama's agenda for change. The ads hail the work of House members either on health insurance reform or economic recovery.

According to an OFA press release, the radio ads will begin as early as today and run into next week. The OFA ads come on the heels of a round of radio ads by the Republican National Committee targeting these same members with baseless distortions about the success of the recovery act and the plans for health insurance reform proposed by President Obama.

The health insurance reform ad, entitled "Standing Up," will run in nineteen of the twenty-three districts -- including New Mexico's First Congressional District represented by Congressman Martin Heinrich. The ad thanks members for supporting the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and for standing up for comprehensive health insurance reform that lowers costs and protects consumers' choices of doctors and plans.

The OFA ad about Rep. Heinrich will start airing today. You can listen to the ad here. A text transcript of the ad is below the fold.

"These members have been part of one of the most ambitious, historic and successful opening months of a Congressional session in our nation's history," said OFA Director Mitch Stewart. "From expanding health insurance to millions of vulnerable children, to passing a recovery act that rescued our economy from certain disaster, to passing a budget that halves our deficit over the next decade while making critical investments in health care, energy and education, these members have all helped bring about the change President Obama promised to bring to Washington."

"These House Democrats are now standing up to the special interests, the lobbyists and the naysayers and working for big solutions to our nation's toughest problems -- including fixing a broken health insurance system that costs too much, leaves too many people lacking coverage and puts insurance industry profits ahead of patient care. Thanks to the support of these members and others like them -- we will reform the health insurance system in this country and make other critical policy changes to get our economy back on track."

The nineteen markets where the health reform ad "Standing Up" is airing are in the districts of U.S. Reps: Driehaus (OH-01), Dahlkemper (PA-03), Kirkpatrick (AZ-01), Giffords (AZ-08), McNerney (CA-11), Perlmutter (CO-07), Kosmas (FL-24), Grayson (FL-08), Walz (MN-01), Heinrich (NM-01), Titus (NV-03), Maffei (NY-25), Massa (NY-29), Kilroy (OH-15), Boccieri (OH-16), Space (OH-18), Wilson (OH-06), Nye (VA-02) and Kagen (WI-08).

The economic recovery ad, entitled "To the Rescue," will run in four districts and thanks those members for supporting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which "rescued our economy from the brink of disaster - and provided tax cuts to nearly every American - the largest middle class tax cut in American history." The ads also note specific projects in these districts which are saving and creating jobs. The four markets where "To the Rescue" is airing are in the districts of U.S. Reps: Boyd (FL-02), Childers (MS-01), Chandler (KY-06), Pomeroy (ND).

In addition to these radio ads, the DNC is currently on television challenging national Republican leaders on their politicization of the health insurance reform debate and the cost of doing nothing, and their distortions on the success the Recovery Act (ARRA). The DNC is also airing radio ads in local markets targeting U.S. Senators Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and U.S. Representatives John Boehner (R-OH), Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Mike Pence (R-IN) for their failure to support the ARRA while local projects are creating and saving jobs and laying a foundations for long-term economic growth.

Sign Up with OFA
OFA has conducted thousands of events in support of President Obama's efforts to reform the health insurance system, has collected hundreds of thousands of stories emblematic of the urgent need for reform and has collected over one million declarations of support for the President's principles for reform. In January and February, OFA held thousands of events coast-to-coast to help pass the ARRA and did the same in support of President Obama's landmark budget proposal.

This month, OFA is helping to organize thousands of events nationwide to gain public support for health care reform. Visit OFA's Health Care Action Center to find an event near you or create one of your own. OFA volunteers will be knocking on doors, making calls to neighbors, and attending public events to build the local support for health care reform we need to pass a strong final bill. If you can spare an hour or two for health insurance reform, now's the time to sign up.

Transcript: OFA Radio Ad for Rep. Heinrich, NM-01
Congressman Martin Heinrich is fighting for New Mexico. He's taking on the lobbyists and the special interests and standing up for us and our families. And he is working every day to make sure we have affordable quality health care.

Congressman Heinrich fought to expand health care to millions of children - and now Martin Heinrich is working for health insurance reform that lowers your costs and protects your choice of doctors and plans.

But it won’t be easy. Health insurance companies have made record profits by doubling premiums and denying people coverage.

And now, they and their lobbyists are fighting tooth and nail to stop reform and protect the status quo - and their profits – at the expense of affordable health care for families, small businesses and millions of Americans. But Martin Heinrich is fighting back.

Call Martin Heinrich at 505-346-6781. Thank Congressman Heinrich for standing up for New Mexico families and our health care.

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. The DNC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Organizing for America's New State Director Begins New Mexico Listening Tour Tomorrow in Las Cruces


I got an email today from Luis Hernandez, who's the recently hired New Mexico State Director for Organizing for America -- President Barack Obama's nationwide organizing effort to involve the grassroots.

Luis announced that they're back on the ground in New Mexico, and starting this Tuesday, April 14th, they'll be hosting Listening Tour Town Halls across the state. You can learn more or sign up for one here. Events are scheduled for Las Cruces (tomorrow), Hobbs, Albuquerque Central and the North Valley, Valencia County, Farmington, Espanola and Santa Fe.

According to the email, you'll get a chance to meet new state staff members, hear about some lessons learned during the general election, and offer your thoughts on how New Mexico can be organized going forward. Your ideas will be used to write a New Mexico-specific plan for Organizing for America in 2009 and beyond.

The campaign brought an unprecedented number of new voices into the process. According to Luis, Organizing for America is dedicated to making sure those voices remain at the center of the debate as the President and Congress work on providing solutions for our economy.

But these meetings are not just for folks who were involved in the campaign -- they're hopeful that every New Mexican will get involved.

"We can't stop growing our movement now. We've never had a better opportunity to shape our future -- and just like during the election, we'll do it from the bottom up," Luis said.

If you can't make it to a Listening Tour event, you can still get involved with Organizing for America in New Mexico by letting them know how you'd like to see New Mexico organized:

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