Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lt. Governor Candidate Joe Campos Thanks the Democratic Party

In the second statement released today from the Joe Campos for Lieutenant Governor campaign, Campos extended his thanks to the Democratic Party for its handling of the decision on his eligibility for the primary ballot.

"I appreciate Party Chairman Javier Gonzales' efforts to keep the process open and transparent," Campos stated. "His efforts resulted in a fair and appropriate resolution to the issues raised," Campos said. "The Party has three days to certify the election and the Party staff and the Chairman worked tirelessly late Saturday, all day Sunday, Monday and finally resolved the ballot issue Tuesday."

Campos also said he "appreciates the support of the Democratic Party to stand up for what is right and reaching a just and appropriate decision; submitting his name for a ballot position on the Democratic Party Primary."

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Campos for Lt. Gov. Campaign Weighs in on Ballot Decision

JoeCamposConvention140 In response to the ruling made by Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Javier Gonzales today on Democratic primary ballot access for Joe Campos in the Lieutenant Governor race, the Campos campaign released this statement:

The Jose Campos for Lieutenant Governor Campaign announced today that Joe will be on the Democratic Primary ballot in June. "We took on the Richardson machine and won," declared Representative Campos. Campos had received 355 votes for Lieutenant Governor on Saturday at the Democratic Pre-Primary convention, and the 20% threshold was mistakenly calculated and should have been 355 to receive the Democratic Party certification to be on the ballot.

The State Party Chairman Javier Gonzales acknowledged that the Party should have determined that Jose had qualified on Saturday at the Democratic Convention, as the Election Handbook of the State of New Mexico stipulates (Section 1-1-20 2009 ed.). Joe appreciates the support of the many county chairs who supported his protest and the right to be on the ballot.

"I've been a fighter my whole life," declared Campos, "I fought to keep Canon Air Force Base open, I fought to revitalize District 63 and my hometown of Santa Rosa, and I'm fighting now to represent the people's interests in Santa Fe as the next Lieutenant Governor of the great State of New Mexico."

Later in the day, the Campos campaign released a second statement on this matter.

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(Updated) DPNM Rules that Joe Campos Got 20% of Vote at Pre-Primary Convention

Update: The DPNM just issued a statement clarifying their decision, saying that "after thorough review of the rules of the party and the State of New Mexico Election Handbook, Representative Campos received 20% of the votes cast in the Lt. Governor convention vote. The ruling of the Chair was further supported by a unanimous vote of the DPNM Judicial Committee, 10-0, in favor of recommending the ruling of the Chairman. Representatives from the Rael, Colon and Ortiz y Pino campaigns all stated after the decision that they respected the ruling and would seek no further challenge."

According to the DPNM, Joe Campos received 19.69% of the votes, which in accordance to the rule is rounded to 20%.

"This is exactly why the Democratic Party of New Mexico waits three days before certifying, so everyone can thoroughly review the rules and make the right call," said former Chairman and DPNM pro-bono legal counsel John Wertheim in a written statement. “In this case, the law is clear, and we’re pleased that the other candidates voiced their support and respect for Chairman Gonzales’ ruling.”

"I am very pleased with success and record participation at the pre-primary convention. We are the party of inclusion and look forward to supporting all of our Democratic candidates," said Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales.

The DPNM said that action on the convention is complete. The vote will be certified and the three names submitted to the Secretary of State for inclusion on the primary ballot are as follows: Brian Colon, Lawrence Rael and Jose Campos.

The below, final vote tally will be certified today.

Lt. Governor
Ortiz y Pino: 323 votes 18.87%
Jose Campos: 337 votes 19.69%
Brian Colon: 591 votes 34.54%
Linda Lopez: 81 votes 4.73%
Lawrence Rael: 379 votes 22.15%
The Judicial Council of the Democratic Party of New Mexico met today to consider a complaint filed by the Joe Campos for Lieutenant Governor campaign insisting that he received 20% of the vote at this past Saturday's Pre-Primary Convention. The Council voted unanimously in Campos' favor, agreeing that the votes Campos received on March 13, 2010 did indeed qualify him to be on the ballot without the need to submit additional petition signatures. The Judicial Council's advice supported a ruling by DPNM Chairman Javier Gonzales in favor of Campos' position.

Originally, the DPNM said that Campos was one vote shy of 20%, based on what turned out to be an incorrect analysis of how percentages or fractions are to be rounded. However, it was discovered that a section in New Mexico's election code clearly shows that the Party's original analysis of fractions/percentages was incorrect:

Section 1-1-20
In any place in the Election Code [1-1-1 NMSA 1978] requiring counting or computation of numbers, any fraction or decimal greater than one-half of a whole number shall be counted as a whole number.

After the votes were tallied at the Convention, the DPNM originally said Campos had to have 355.2 votes to qualify for the 20%, based on taking the number of delegate votes (1776) times 20% to get the number 355.2. However, the election code language means that the whole number alone would be enough. Later, a hand recount of the ballots gave Campos 337 votes, or 19.67. So the ruling considers that number as constituting 20% by rounding.

The ruling means that the election results revert back to those of the recount. Therefore, Brian Colon, Lawrence Rael and Joe Campos will be on the June Democratic primary ballot for lieutenant governor, in that order. The two candidates who did not get 20% of the vote, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Sen. Linda Lopez, will not be on the ballot unless they submit more petition signatures by the March 31 deadline. Both of them have said they plan to to just that.

Note: I made several corrections to my original rushed report.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Joe Campos Says He's Shifting Into High Gear for Lt. Gov. Primary Election

Joe Campos speaking at DPNM Pre-Primary Convention

The Joe Campos for Lieutenant Governor Campaign released a statement today indicating they are moving ahead "with gusto" to compete in the primary race -- despite just missing the 20% cut-off for an automatic place on the ballot at Saturday's Democratic Pre-Primary Convention voting. Campos announced, "I'm in it to win it. The votes have been counted and it's game on!" The campaign said he's being "propelled by strong delegate support in the recent Democratic Delegate Convention."

"The delegate voting shows we have a tight race among the top candidates," Campos said. "In the weeks leading to the June 1 primary, any one of the top candidates has the opportunity to break away from the pack and win the election. My campaign team has shifted into high gear and we aim to take the lead."

"On June 1, it'll be the people's turn to vote and when the voters consider experience and accomplishments, I believe they will be supporting my campaign," Campos asserted. "I'm the only candidate that has a distinguished public service record that extends across-the-board from Mayor, to County Commissioner, to State Legislator. I am the only candidate with a real working knowledge of the renewable energy industry, and the only candidate from a rural area. And as a prosperous small businessman, I know what it takes to succeed in this economy."

"Make no mistake about it, the November election is going to be a tough contest where every vote counts," Campos continued. "Diane Denish needs a running mate that can attract votes from across the political spectrum. I have proven in my legislative campaigns that I can attract loyal Democrats, and independent voters -- and, this can help Diane Denish win."

"I've competed in some tough elections in the past," Campos added. "I have challenges ahead in the upcoming campaign, but my whole career as a public servant is about meeting challenges head-on and with gusto. I am fortunate to have passionate supporters, an astute campaign staff, and a loving family and I am ready and energized to bring my campaign to the people." 

"I believe the people want a candidate that shares their values, a candidate that is ethical and is not beholden to special interests, and a candidate that has the common sense, the experience, and the creativity to enable a better quality of life for this generation and for generations to come. I believe I am the candidate that can best help Diane Denish lead New Mexico into a prosperous future," Campos concluded.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photos Part 2: Lt. Governor Contest, DPNM Pre-Primary Convention 2010

Brian Colón was the top vote getter with 34.5% and gave a fiery speech accepting the nomination

This is one of a series of posts about this weekend's Democratic Pre-Primary Convention. Check back for more photos, videos and commentary on all the action as we get everything processed and organized. Click to see the whole series of posts.

This year, Democrats fielded five primary candidates for Lieutenant Governor and the competition for delegates was spirited. Rep. Joe Campos, Brian Colón, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Lawrence Rael participated in a number of candidate forums and debates and worked hard to attract supporters, get them elected as delegates and convince State Central Committee members to get on board.

With two large video screens bracketing the stage and animated, sign-wielding campaigners leaping in the aisles or hopping up onto the platform, there were numerous colorful and noisy tableaux of the political kind for delegates to savor. We had family members, former teachers, energetic supporters dressed in all kinds of get-ups, fellow politicos and more joining in the nominating spectacles.

Lawrence Rael's supporters marched onstage blowing train whistles. Jerry Ortiz y Pino had almost all of his supporters dance up the aisles and try to get on stage with him, all at once. Joe Campos filled the stage with friends and followers with his family front and center. Brian Colón provided a contrast by commanding the stage on his own, with hundreds of cheering supporters all over the hall. Linda Lopez concentrated on speech, emphasizing her "passion and hunger for politics." You can get a taste of what went on in the photo slideshow below:

Click for larger version or photo album

When all was said and done, only two candidates got the 20% needed to get on the primary ballot without having to get more petition signatures according to the machine count and a later review. The latest results are the product of a ballot review (or preliminary recount) performed because some of the candidates were so close to getting the 20% needed to get on the primary ballot, although the review didn't seem to change things much on that score:

Lt. Governor
Total votes: 1711
Gerald Ortiz y Pino: 323 votes, 18.87%
Jose Campos: 337 votes, 19.69%
Brian Colón: 591 votes, 34.54%
Linda Lopez: 81 votes, 4.73%
Lawrence Rael: 379 votes, 22.15%

We understand that a formal recount for certification will start tomorrow morning at the DPNM office, so we'll see how that goes.

It was a heartbreaker for Joe Campos, his family and all his supporters. In the machine tally, he was two tenths of a percent away from 20% -- at least given how the figures were rounded. If you looked at it another way, he had the exact number of votes needed -- but the official rules dictated otherwise. Ortiz y Pino was also very close to 20%. Indications are that all candidates under 20% will try to get the signatures they need by March 31 to get onto the ballot despite the Party vote.

Colón Comments
Brian Colón's campaign released a statement saying he had "solidified his place as the front runner."

"I'm honored by this nomination and humbled that so many Democrats from all corners of New Mexico are supporting our campaign because they share my belief that Government should be in the business of helping people," Colón said. "Democratic values are much more than cheap campaign rhetoric. They make a difference in people's lives. I know, because I've lived those values," Colón continued.

"Growing up I learned that we help our neighbors when they're down. We make sure every child gets a good education. And if somebody's sick, they get the best health care available. That's what the Democratic Party stands for and that's why I'm working so hard to be Diane Denish's running mate for Lieutenant Governor," Colón added.

Rael Comments
Lawrence Rael released a statement saying he had "strong support" from delegates, that "reflected a growing sentiment that Rael is the best complement for Diane Denish on the Democratic ticket."

“I’m pleased that New Mexicans are responding to the many things we have accomplished together during my 25 years of public service,” Rael said. “My experiences, coupled with Diane Denish’s leadership, are key to moving our state forward.”

“It’s really remarkable that the other four candidates in this race have all run for office before and have been working on the convention delegates for years,” said Rael campaign manager John Gerhart. “We’re pleased that people have been won over this quickly to Lawrence and his candidacy. We’re really looking forward to the primary campaign.”

Campos Comments
The Campos campaign hasn't released a formal statement, but Joe wrote these comments on his Facebook page:

"Thanks to our many friends & supporters. We fell just short of our goal of 20% of the 1776 votes - got 355, needed 355.2. This is amazing considering the time dedicated to the legis. session and special session midcampaign. I'm overwhelmed w/ your support & desire to go on with the campaign. The actual vote recount is on but regardless of the outcome WE'RE GOING FOR IT! Go Team Campos! Go Diane Denish!"

Ortiz y Pino Comments
On Monday, Jerry Ortiz y Pino sent an email message to supporters that said, in part:

"We will start gathering additional signatures on petition forms and submit them by the deadline in ten days. And on with the campaign! Now we have the toughest part of the race, but the one that we all know is the most crucial: getting our message out to the voters and then getting those voters out to the polls on June 1.

"... If we don't get a big turnout of the left wing of the Party, it will be very hard for Diane to win. None of the other candidates for the Lt. Governor nomination have a message that will excite the left wing."

Lopez Comments
I haven't seen any statement released by the campaign of Sen. Linda Lopez.

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(Updated) Back from the DPNM Pre-Primary Convention: Down from the Mountains and Through the Snow

Update: The preliminary hand recount is over and here are the latest results for the Lt. Gov. race:

  • Brian Colon- 591 delegate votes, 34.54%
  • Lawrence Rael- 379, 22.15%
  • Joe Campos- 337, 19.69%
  • Jerry Ortiz y Pino 323, 18.87%
  • Linda Lopez 81, 4.73%

VoteBlueCr We're back in Albuquerque after The-Best-New-Mexico-Democratic-Convention-Ever. Energy, enthusiasm and Democrats galore all weekend at Buffalo Thunder. We drove back late this morning through a blowing snowstorm that turned into wind and rain that turned into spectacular cloud formations all around with big sunbeams breaking through and spotlighting the snow-sprinkled mountains surrounding us. We're in a great mood and we'll be working hard to get all our photos, videos and commentary ready for publication but, at the moment, we're eating breakfast burritos and catching our breath.

If you haven't yet seen the results of the three main contested races, here they are:

Lieutenant Governor

  • Brian Colón, 34.3 percent*
  • Lawrence Rael, 21.9 percent*
  • Joe Campos, 19.9 percent
  • Jerry Ortiz y Pino, 18.6 percent
  • Linda Lopez, 5 percent

Land Commissioner

  • Ray Powell, 44.4 percent*
  • Harry Montoya, 19.3 percent
  • Sandy Jones, 18.6 percent
  • Mike Anaya, 17.6 percent

NM Court of Appeals

  • Judge Linda M. Vanzi 72.32*
  • Dennis W. Montoya 27.68*

* = qualified for primary ballot without the need to submit additional signatures. The rest will have to submit more signatures within 10 days.

NOTE: Joe Campos missed the ballot cutoff by one vote, or he made the number needed exactly -- depending on how certain percentages are handled. He and Harry Montoya and Sandy Jones each called for a recount, which reportedly is still ongoing.

I'll be back soon with more, but at this point we want to extend big thanks for a job well done and so much hard work to Chairman Javier Gonzales and all of the Party officers, as well as the staff and volunteers of the Democratic Party of New Mexico! This was one for the history books in more ways than one. Gracias and congratulations to all involved!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DFA-DFNM Dem LG Candidate Debate: Honesty and Openness in Government

Here's another follow up to my posts yesterday and Monday on Saturday's DFA-DFNM debate for Democratic lieutenant governor candidates at UNM Law School.

Below are videos of Rep. Joe Campos, Brian Colon, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Lawrence Rael answering a question from the audience about restoring honesty and openness to government.

Sen. Linda Lopez (L); Rep. Joe Campos (R)

Brian Colon (L); Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino (R)

Lawrence Rael

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dem LG Candidate Debate: Social Issues, Drug Offender Sentencing, Budget & Taxes, Jobs, Why They're Running

Following up on our post with a photo slideshow and videos yesterday, here are more clips from the DFA-Democracy for New Mexico Democratic Lt. Governor candidate debate held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the UNM Law School in Albuquerque. Rep. Joe Campos, Brian Colon, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Lawrence Rael answer questions posed by DFNM and the audience on a variety of issues. If you couldn't make it to the debate, here's your chance to gauge how the candidates responded on a variety of issues. If you were there, these videos might refresh your memories of what was said.

Above: Candidates answer a three-part question on social issues. Do you support a women's right to choose? Do you support marriage equality for LGBT citizens? Do you support concealed carry of guns in restaurants with beer and wine licenses?

Above: Candidates answer a question on whether they support HB 178, the bill sponsored by State Rep. Moe Maestas that would allow for a sentence of treatment for nonviolent drug offenders rather than jail time. The bill passed the House in the recent special session but never got a vote in the Senate.

Above: Candidates answer a question on whether they support the budget and tax package passed in the recent special session of the New Mexico Legislature.

Above: Candidates answer a question on how we can get more jobs in New Mexico.

Above: Candidates answer a question on why they want to be Lt. Governor, what makes them the best candidate for the job and what they would bring to the ticket.

We'll have additional videos from the debate posted soon, so keep checking back.

Delegates to the DPNM Pre-Primary Convention on March 13 at Buffalo Thunder Resort will vote on candidates in this race and other statewide contests to determine their positions on the June 2 primary ballot. A candidate must get at least 20% of the delegate vote to appear on the ballot without having to obtain additional petition signatures.

Video clips in this post courtesy of Mike Swick.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Dem Lt. Gov. Candidate Debate Featured Lively Exchanges Before 150+

Click for larger version or album

More than 150 Democrats attended the DFA-Democracy for New Mexico debate with the five Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor on Saturday morning at the UNM Law School in Albuquerque. Turns out most of them will serve as delegates at the DPNM Pre-Primary Convention in Pojaoque on March 13, where they'll be voting for their favorites in this race, as well as in a number of other statewide contests. The League of Women Voters provided the moderator and time keepers for the event.

Rep. Joe Campos, Brian Colon, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Lawrence Rael each answered a set of questions submitted by DFNM and the audience, and got to pose a question of their own to the candidate seated next to them. The seating was determined by picking numbers out of a container. Each candidate also got an opening and closing statement.

The candidate-to-candidate questions, as well as one from the audience that asked each participant to announce who'd they'd vote for if they weren't in the race, produced the most lively and compelling interchanges. Generally, interactions were spirited but good natured, although there were a couple of moments where some minor sparks flew. These are, after all, all Democrats -- and Democrats are generally quite opinionated!

Here's a video of all the candidates' answers on who they'd support if they weren't in the race:

Below are a collection of videos of each candidate responding to a question from another candidate.

Above: Brian Colon answers question from Rep. Joe Campos on 2008 NM Presidential caucus (L); Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino answers question from Brian Colon on taxes Jerry voted for in legislature (R).

Above: Lawrence Rael answers question from Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino on whether Lawrence would make a better chief of staff than a lt. governor (L); Sen. Linda Lopez answers question from Lawrence Rael on the issues that will be important in November (R).

Above: Rep. Joe Campos answers question from Sen. Linda Lopez on who has given him the best advice in his life (L); Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino answers question by Lawrence Rael on how Jerry can work with Diane Denish on the ticket (R).

Above: Brian Colon answers question from Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino on his ties with Gov. Bill Richardson (L); Rep Joe Campos answers question from Brian Colon on for-profit prison in Santa Rosa (R).

Above: Sen. Linda Lopez answers question from Rep. Joe Campos on how she will complement Lt. Gov. Denish on gubernatorial ticket (L); Lawrence Rael answers question from Sen. Linda Lopez on what advice he'd give his daughter when she runs for office (R).

I'll be posting more videos from the debate as they gets processed, so check back soon. In the meantime, you can listen to audio of the entire debate here:

Audio courtesy of Peter St. Cyr

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Saturday: Dem Lt. Gov. Candidate Debate at UNM Law School

The DFA-Democracy for New Mexico Meetup is excited to be hosting a debate for the Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM in Room 2401 at the UNM Law School located at 1117 Stanford NE in Albuquerque (map).

Sign-in will begin at 9:30 AM that day, and the event will start promptly at 10:00 AM. The debate will be moderated by a representative from the League of Women Voters.

To join the Meetup group and/or RSVP, go to: http://dfa.meetup.com/160/.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this. We'd love to have a large turnout as all of the five candidates for Lt. Governor have blocked out time in their busy schedules to participate. Confirmed participants are: Rep. Joe Campos, Brian Colon, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Lawrence Rael. This is the last chance to see the candidates before the DPNM Pre-Primary Convention set for March 13 at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Pojoaque.

Please keep an eye out for further emails about his event, however, as it may have to be rescheduled if the special session of the New Mexico Legislature runs through Saturday. We'll keep you posted!

The DFA-DFNM Meetup has been happening monthly since 2003, when it began as a Dean for America Meetup. The LG candidate debate will replace the group's regular monthly Meetup for March.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rep. Joe Campos Discusses His Legislative Initiatives

JoeCamposACr The second session of the 49th Legislature has concluded and it was a very important and very busy session. Rep. Joe Campos, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released a statement summarizing what his camp called his "demonstrated leadership and vision" in "introducing a slate of innovative and forward-looking legislation" during the session. His bills included:

  • HB 118: Ethics reform designed to end pay-to-play.
  • HB 288: A bill to strengthen equal pay statutes reinforcing the rights of women and other groups subject to discrimination.
  • HJR 14: Legislation to amend the state constitution to allow the Taxation and Revenue Department to negotiate tax debt in hardship cases.
  • HB 238: A bill to allow the efficient use of absentee ballots, eliminating waste.
  • HB 181: A bill that promotes privately owned renewable energy generation plants by exempting these plants from regulation as a public utility.
  • HB 99: A bill that provides a funding formula of emergency medical services (EMS).
  • HB 98: A bill that qualified the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority (RETA) for the Public Project Revolving Fund and provide for the sale of bonds to finance RETA.

The statement touted Rep. Campos' "applied determination and legislative expertise to draft the bills and get these bills introduced," and said that their enactment "stood to benefit a broad range of citizens as well as restore trust in state government." Campos' bills generated strong support in the House -- passing in House committees and on the House the floor. In fact, his equal pay bill and the RETA bill each received a unanimous floor vote to pass in the House, and the renewable energy generation plant bill passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate. Campos' emergency services funding bill was narrowly defeated on the House floor.

This legislative session was burdened with the challenge of balancing the state budget, and Campos reports that he worked toward an equitable balance between cutting expenditures and generating new revenue streams. However, he said the budget shortfall crisis diverted attention from many worthwhile and meritorious legislative initiatives.

Campos expressed disappointment that several of his widely supported bills did not get to a vote in the Senate as time expired in the legislative session. He's particularly dismayed at the resistance put forth by special interest groups that sought to delay and defeat the ethics bill he introduced in the House. Campos said that, during the debate, he stood firm and pushed back at the special interests and succeeded in garnering support to pass the ethics bill in the House. The legislative session ended before the ethics bill could be voted on in the Senate. However, Campos said he will continue to advocate for ethics reform, equal pay statutes, tax relief for hardship cases, and providing funding resources for emergency medical services.

With the conclusion of the session, Joe said he looks forward to renewing his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. He said he will continue to meet the people, listen to their concerns and ideas and earn their support for his campaign to serve as the next Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. The Campos campaign pointed to Joe's distinguished leadership in the past legislative session, stressing that voters will have a clear choice for Lieutenant Governor: a candidate who is experienced, knowledgeable, bold, tested, and who knows how to work within the government for the benefit of the people.

For more information and to learn how you can help out with the campaign, please visit http://joecampos.org/.

Photo by M.E. Broderick.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rep. Joe Campos' Equal Pay Legislation Passes NM House

HCAMP Hearty applause on this one. HB 288, a bill to strengthen equal pay provisions in the state statutes, was passed in the New Mexico House by a vote of 67-0 on February 13. The bill, introduced by Rep. Joe Campos (D-Santa Rosa), who is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, provides explicit language prohibiting wage discrimination against women and other groups that may be victims of discrimination.

"According to the Southwest Women's Law Center, women are earning only 71% of what men earn with Hispanic women earning only 54% of what men earn," Rep. Campos said in a statement released about the bill. "I recently attended a question and answer event where a woman in the audience voiced her concern over the wage gap and asked me what I could do about it. My staff and I researched the issue and realized that our state statutes were unclear on what consititutes wage discriminatIon. I introduced House Bill 288 to help reinforce human rights here in New Mexico with regard to equal pay for equal work."

"The equal pay issue is especially relevant to woman, not only single working women, but to families as well," Rep. Campos continued. "According to recent statistics, 71% of women with children are in the labor force and the woman's contribution to household income is significant for most families in America."

In summary, Rep. Campos said, "I am gratified this legislation passed unaminously in the House and this represents an important step forward. This year, National Equal Pay Day has been identified as April 20, 2010. This day represents how far into 2010 women need to work to equal the pay men earned in 2009. I anticipate that when this day is observed here in new Mexico, that we can celebrate another step forward in closing the equal pay gap."

The legislation moves next to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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