Thursday, November 08, 2012

Democracy in New Mexico Election 2012

That is exactly what we did on Tuesday November 6th, we exercised our right of being a Democracy in action. Here is the definition of Democracy in websters dictionary:
a: government by the people; especially: rule of the majority
b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

Yes, I am disappointed I did not win my own bid for the NM State House of Representative District 30, but the people of HD 30 spoke and I end this race grateful and wiser. I am grateful for the support of so many friends, I had so many people helping me. I am grateful for so many people within HD 30 opening their doors and thoughts to me on this journey. I am wiser that these are not simple times and I learned more people are hurting and disenfranchised than what I even thought.

I am still going to fight the good fight. In the words of Paul Wellstone and something Eric Griego would remind us all of often: We all do better when we all do better.

Representative Ken Martinez had a great quote in the Journal today: "New Mexicans have rejected the politics of personal destruction and instead have chosen the Democratic agenda of strengthening our working families."

Personal destruction in lieu of leadership, ideas, facts and solutions. Let's not forget that the quest for supreme power is vested in us, the people. Even when hundreds of thousands of dollars are meant to sway us, the power is still in our hands not the people we elect, now more than ever. The democrats held on to and even gained a couple seats in the NM State House of Representatives, that is a success for the people of NM.

Some of the races have not been finalized: Marci Blaze is still fighting to represent the people of HD 23. Marci endured a vicious, money invested onslaught race and was attacked over and over by Republican Paul Pacheco. That district remains tight and is having an automatic recount.

Democrat Liz Thomson won House Seat 24 against incumbent Republican Conrad James. Emily Kane (HD15) won, Stephanie Richards (HD43) won in Los Alamos, Christine Trujillo (HD25) won, Georgene Louis (HD26) won and Patricia Roybal-Caballero (HD13) won, just to mention a few of the great women who will be serving the people of NM. Women stepped up and ran for office across the state and across the country, these strong women were coached and supported by other strong women and men.

Other strong women who won are Karen Montoya for PRC, and Chief Judge Barbara Vigil will be our next Supreme Court Judge, as well as Monica Zamora well be our next Court of Appeals Judge.

Thank goodness Senator Michael Sanchez survived his vicious race. Costing countless of thousands of dollars spent by Reform NM PAC Jay McClesky on behalf of the Martinez administration.

A huge congratulations to Martin Heinrich, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Ben Ray Lujan your work is going to be very important shaping this countries future. And I believe you are the leaders to do just that.

Lastly, Thank the Universe that Obama won for four more years. Our country having Romney as the leader for four years was frightening. What did that man really believe? What do any of the republicans really believe at any level of government anymore?

The money spent all together on all the races around the country to try to sway the will of the people could feed a small nation, like ours.

Let's remember there are many honest, hardworking, play it fair, people who deserve huge kudos! Kudos for all the efforts to the many volunteers and staff and caring people who worked so hard for our Democracy for this critical election of 2012. Democracy is not about money and destruction. Democracy is about we the people.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Mary Ellen Broderick Votes in Dead Heat House District 30 Race

November 2, 2012, Today, Friday, I voted. One US citizen of the many millions of citizens who will vote in this 2012 election cycle. I voted for myself for State Represenatative District 30 and I voted for Barak Obama for President. Now if someone told me back in 2008, when I last voted for Barack Obama that I would be on the same democratic ticket with him in 2012 I would say you were crazy. But here it is, my ballot, one of thousands to be cast in the House District 30 race.

IMAG0345   IMAG0340

Above is my proud ballot voting for Mary Ellen Broderick as well as other very caring people that are running for office: Martin Heinrich for Senate, Michelle Lujan Grisham for Congress, Chief Judge Barbara Vigil for Supreme Court and others. The other pic is myself early this morning on a corner trying to get more exposure and that one more vote.

HD 30 Dead Heat Race to the finish!

Come help us win over this weekend.

On Saturday Nov. 3rd we are having a GOTV kick off from my house here in the NE Heights.  Our special guest motivator will be our next Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham!

Following are details regarding the GOTV HD30 event:

Date: November 3rd, Saturday
Time: Starts at 11:00 go until sun down
Lunch: Will be provided prior to canvassing and calling efforts
Where: 8522 Flower Place NE Abq., NM 87112

Volunteers needed to pitch in for the following tasks:

  • Phone Banking (Bring your Laptop please and cell phone)
  • Door canvassing (Comfy shoes)

Thank you for all your help so far, let's finish this with a great GOTV!
Please RSVP to Peter Moulson 417-9139, email:


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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tonight: Women Are Watching

If you do not have plans to watch the Presidential debate somewhere this evening; then consider this invite and watch with these strong democratic women candidates and allies for NM State House of Representatives:

You’re Invited to Join:  Women Are Watching 

Senator Eric Griego, Representative Bill O’Neill, Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, Caroline Buerkle, Martha Burk, Reverend Jim Collie, Eloise Gift, Michael Hart, Donna Tillman, Christine Trujillo

for an evening in support of

Mary Ellen Broderick  Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 30th House District

Marci Blaze Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 23rd House District

Emily Kane Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 15th House District

Elizabeth Thomson Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 24th House District

Wednesday, October 3rd | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

6:00pm – Reception
7:00pm – Presidential Debate Watch

at The Home of Traci & Michael Cadigan
2705 Bosque Del Sol Ln NW | Albuquerque

Requested Contribution:
Host: $1,000 | Champion: $500 | Friend: $100 | Guest: $25

Kindly RSVP to Keep NM Blue PAC at or (505) 890-4967

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Monday, October 01, 2012

Today Oct.1: Jim Dean is in NM to Help Mary Ellen Broderick Win HD30

Jim Dean Chairman of Democracy for America (DFA) is coming to Albuquerque to host an event for Mary Ellen Broderick, the democratic candidate for House District 30.

DFA in their usual 50 state strategy is coming to New Mexico to help Mary Ellen Broderick win her race for HD30, not only is Jim Dean hosting the event, he may canvass with Mary Ellen time permitting. Mary Ellen is running  a true "People Powered campaign". She is working tirelessly to be the next State Representative of District 30.

Mary Ellen is thrilled to have Jim Dean the Chairman of Democracy for America in New Mexico to help her win this important seat in the heart of the heights of Albuquerque.

Please come invest in Mary Ellen's campaign and sign up to volunteer.

Jim dean 10.01 001

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Karen Montoya, the Democratic Candidate for PRC

DFNM_Ad_2 - like signsKaren Montoya, the Democratic candidate for PRC (Public Regulation Commission) in District 1 is a 14th generation New Mexican, a mother of two daughters and has two beautiful grandchildren.

Bernalillo County Assessor Montoya was elected to her second term in 2010 and is the first woman to hold this office.

Karen's top priority is to restore integrity to the PRC and to protect hard working New Mexican's against unfair and unwarranted rate hikes on energy, phone, gas and insurance-while protecting the environment.

Karen-1-192x300Karen believes the science of global warming is clear. She is concerned about those who would un-do the renewable energy standards that are in place -standards vital to protecting New Mexico as well as the Earth's climate. The opportunity to make New Mexico a leader in renewable energy such as solar, bio-mass and wind will be good for both our environment and our economy creating hundreds of good paying jobs.

The record of saving taxpayers money through her support of “Tax Lightning” as County Assessor reflects Karen’s attitude of fighting for the citizens of New Mexico. Karen’s opponent with his lack of experience and anti-renewable statements- has made the choice very clear.

In endorsing Karen Montoya for the PRC, Commissioner Jason Marks stated “Karen Montoya has got what it takes to be an effective PRC Commissioner for District 1. Karen will fight against excessive utility rate increases, and she'll promote renewable energy. I'm proud to endorse Karen Montoya to succeed me on the PRC.”

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/14: Women, Wine and Chocolate!

Emerge New Mexico Annual Celebration

If you want women in office you must buy tickets to this event! If you are a Man and want to be part of the Emerge Men's Alliance click here!

Also Emerge Men's Alliance is hosting the Bake Sale at Women,Wine and Chocolate 2012.

The Emerge Men's Alliance are a group of men who believe in the power of Democratic women, and support empowering women to be leaders through the work they do to support women professionally and personally, and through their generous and steadfast support of Emerge.

Members of the Emerge Men's Alliance affirm that by sharing power, resources, and knowledge, our communities will benefit from women's leadership. Emerge sincerely thanks the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Emerge Men's Alliance, Senator Jeff Bingaman and Senator Tom Udall, who have stood up for women's rights time and time again and are standing up once again to lead this important group of allies. Please view the members of the Emerge Men's Alliance below, and if you'd like to join this group, it's not too late!

Come join us for this important great event. Support women running for offices. We will have fun and be around strong women who have determination to break through the glass ceiling of politics. From the school boards to congress; women are on the move to represent and fight for our communities!

Emerge pg 1 001

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

NM State Supreme Court Candidates at Bernalillo Co Dem Forum - Part 3 - Closing Arguments

On Thursday August 16, 2012, the Bernalillo County Democratic Party hosted a candidate forum for the 5 individuals vying to be the democratic nominee for the newest New Mexico Supreme Court Justice.

This is Part 3 a continuation of previous post Part 1 and then previous post Part 2.

Part 3 here encompasses the closing statements from each candidate. Listen closely.

Chief Judge Barbara Vigil closing statement below: 

Cate Stetson closing statement below:

Victor Lopez closing statement below:

John Kelly closing statement below:

Michelle Hernandez closing statement below:

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NM State Supreme Court Candidates at Bernalillo Co Dem Forum - Part 2

On Thursday August 16, 2012, the Bernalillo County Democratic Party hosted a candidate forum for the 5 individuals vying to be the democratic nominee for the newest New Mexico Supreme Court Justice.

This is Part 2 a continuation of a previous post.

Question 3: What do you think is the most important responsiblity of the NM State Supreme Court justice and how do you plan to fullfill this responsibility?

Michelle Hernandez response to question 3 below:

John Kelly response to question 3 below:

Victor Lopez response to question 3 below:

Cate Stetson response to question 3 below:

Chief Judge Vigil response to question 3 below:

Question 4: What is your position on campaign finance reform?

Chief Judge Vigil response to question 4 below:


Cate Stetson response to question 4 below:

Victor Lopez response to question 4 below:

John Kelly response to question 4 below:

Michelle Hernandez response to question 4 below:

Question 5: What is your experience as a lawyer or a Judge prepares you to be the next Supreme Court Justice?

Michelle Hernandez response to question 5 below:

John Kelly response to question 4 below:

Victor Lopez response to question 5 below:

Cate Stetson response to question 5 below:

Chief Judge Vigil response to question 5 below:

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

NM State Supreme Court Candidates at Bernalillo Co Dem Forum - Part 1

On Thursday August 16, 2012, the Bernalillo County Democratic Party hosted a candidate forum for the 5 individuals vying to be the democratic nominee for the newest New Mexico Supreme Court Justice.

In mid June 2012 Supreme Court Justice Patricio Serna announced he is retiring from the state's highest court after serving 16 years. There are currently five Justices serving on the NM Supreme Court. The existing court is comprised of one woman and 4 men. Both political parties have until Sept. 11 to nominate a candidate to be on the November 6 election ballot.

It is the Democratic State Central Committee consisting of slightly over 400 members who will be deciding on who will be on the ballot in November. The democratic candidates to replace Justice Serna are all superb.

Following are abbreviated synopsis of the 5 candidates. Listen to the videos for detailed information.

  • Michelle Hernandez is an attorney and worked as a judicial law clerk for the Supreme Court. Michelle currently practices law and is a shareholder at the Modrell Sperling Law firm read her bio here.
  • John Kelly is a former US Attorney during Clinton administration. John has a diverse legal background, he also practices law and is a shareholder at the Modrell Sperling Law firm read his bio here.
  • Victor Lopez is currently a Workers Compensation Administration Judge. Victor has 28yrs experience in law and you can read more about him here.
  • Cate Stetson has her own practice Stetson Law Offices, she pracitices all types of law to help the underclass. She has been very active in the democratic party for years and in a number of ways.
  • Judge Barbara Vigil is currently Chief Judge of New Mexico’s First Judicial District Court. Judge Vigil first became a judge in 2000 and was retained in 2008.

At the forum there were five questions asked as well as an opening and closing statement. Below is part 1 of the coverage - including opening statements and questions 1 and 2.

Opening Statements each 2 min: 

Intro Michelle Hernandez below:

Intro John Kelly Below: 

Intro Victor Lopez below:

Intro Cate Stetson below:

Intro Judge Barbara Vigil below:

Question 1:  Do you believe that the Judicial nominating process is a good way for selecting judges? If so why and why not?

Q1 Michelle Hernandez below:

Q1 John Kelly below:

Q1 Victor Lopez below:

Q1 Cate Stetson below:

Q1 Judge Barbara Vigil below:

Question 2: What limits do you believe exist on the power of the judiciary and on the NM Supreme court justices?

Q2 Judge Vigil below:

Q2 Cate Stetson below:

Q2 Victor Lopez below:

Q2 John Kelly below:

Q2 Michelle Hernandez below:


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Help Me Fight The War on Women!, Guest Blog by Marci Blaze

Marci blazeMarci Blaze candidate for NM House of Representatives District 23.

I'm running for the New Mexico House of Representatives. There are many reasons I decided to enter the race...but among the most important is to fight for myself and all women in this state in the battle that is being waged against us today. I have "enlisted" as a legislative candidate to ensure that the rights of women in New Mexico are acknowledged and upheld.

What does this war look like? 

First and foremost, it is characterized by attempts to turn back decades of gains in the rights and status of women across the board. These efforts to turn back the clock on American women have focused largely on reproductive rights. But they are now also taking aim at the growing roles of women in the workplace, in the family and in government. Anti-woman proposals that have been brewing for years are currently receiving support by a variety of right wing individuals and organizations, including mainstream presidential candidates. Rights that women have come to take for granted – like the right to access birth control – are under attack for the first time in decades.

In New Mexico, this war is evident in:

  • 18,000 incidents of domestic violence reported to law enforcement every year...but even as this number continues to grow, funding for domestic violence service and offender treatment programs remains inadequate;
  • a 15% higher than average number of sexual assaults against children...yet there has been no substantial increase in services for or prevention of these assaults in nine years;
  • a State legislature that continues to try to intrude in women's make decisions for them as regards reproduction and birth control. Although an overwhelming majority of women believe that such decisions should be made solely between themselves and the doctors of their choosing, lawmakers are inserting themselves into the process, insisting that they know what is best;
  • a reluctance to insist that health insurance providers cover women's health needs, specifically backing away from some preventative measures and screenings as essential health benefits;
  • pay inequality and indifference to job growth geared specifically to women. According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research in Washington, DC, New Mexico has the 7th worst economy in the nation for women. That means we fall behind 43 other states in economic well-being.

Again, this war is not limited to New is going on across the country. These renewed assaults on women are unacceptable and they can be stopped. American women aren’t ready to see their hard-won rights slip away, and they aren’t willing to be painted as scapegoats for the nation’s problems. And every state wherein women succeed in winning and protecting their rights will impact the ability of the next state to do the same.

Please help me fight the War on Women...for myself, for New Mexicans, and for women across the country and the men who care about them. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends...our freedom and our health is at risk and we must be the first line of defense to protect both. If you agree and want to join my campaign to end the war on women click here:


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Native American Democratic Caucus Fundraiser for the Delegates

Great cause! Please help our Native American Dem Caucus get their delegates to North Carolina.

Nadc 001

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Michelle Hernandez for Supreme Court

Hernandez, Michelle color seated (W1591431) Image1
Lifelong Democrat Michelle Hernandez Announces Bid for Supreme Court

Native New Mexican Michelle Hernandez will seek election to the New Mexico Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Patricio Serna.

Michelle grew up in Taos, Gallup and Albuquerque. Living under modest circumstances, she learned the value of hard work and a great education. She has deep family roots throughout New Mexico.

Michelle graduated from the University of New Mexico, magna cum laude, attended the University of California Los Angeles law school, and received a scholarship in recognition for pioneering women in the law.

Following law school, Michelle served as a judicial clerk for the Supreme Court and Justice Joseph F. Baca where she assisted in numerous opinions. Justice Baca and Michelle became lifelong friends, and he has endorsed her candidacy. As a law clerk, she worked on several landmark decisions including the Johnson case, where the Court held former Governor Gary Johnson in contempt of court for unlawfully forcing poor people off public assistance.

In endorsing Michelle, Justice Baca said, "I have known Michelle Hernandez since she was my law clerk in 1997. I am proud to call her my good friend. She is uniquely qualified to serve on our Supreme Court. She works hard, listens to people and is a brilliant lawyer. She cares deeply about her community and will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice."

After working at the Supreme Court, Michelle began a career at the prestigious Modrall Sperling Law firm where she gained valuable experience as an appellate and trial attorney. She has become a nationally recognized expert in complex health care law matters. She also represented women seeking to escape abusive relationships.

Michelle believes her hands-on experience at the Supreme Court, combined with her many years in private practice make her an excellent candidate for New Mexico's highest court. "The Supreme Court needs Justices who have been in the trenches representing clients, and who have been involved in drafting opinions. I bring a unique combination of both to the job."

Michelle is active in her community, having worked on democratic campaigns, as a Member of the Hispanic National Bar Association and as a founding director of Emerge New Mexico.

On August 25, the New Mexico Democratic Party State Central Committee will select a candidate for Supreme Court, who will appear on the November ballot opposite whomever Governor Martinez appoints to fill the vacancy. Michelle draws on her humble beginnings and her hard working family as inspiration.

"I was born in Albuquerque, but my family is from Taos, which is where I started school. Growing up my father worked as a high school teacher, laid adobes in the summer and later managed fast food restaurants. After living in a trailer in Gallup for a short time, we moved back to Albuquerque, and I graduated from Del Norte High School. My mother returned to work outside the house after I graduated and retired from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union as a secretary about four years ago. I will never forget my responsibility to remember those who are working their way out of poverty like my parents did."

At UNM, Michelle served as a recruiter for the Minority Recruitment and Retention Office. She served on the local advance team for the Clinton Gore Campaign for several events.

Michelle was active at UCLA as member of the La Raza Law Students Association. She advocated for the admission of Latino law students and worked against the discriminatory California ballot propositions of the mid-1990s.

Michelle was inspired to run by Justice Baca's and Justice Serna's humble beginnings, love of New Mexico and enormous achievements. She looks to Justice Petra Maes as a trailblazer and the first Latina Justice of the Supreme Court.

Please visit for more information or to contact Michelle Hernandez email

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