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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We'll All Be Seniors One Day; Guest Blog by Marci Blaze Candidate for HD 23

MarciblazeGuest blog by Marci Blaze Candidate for House District 30.

In order to honor New Mexico’s senior citizens for their lifetime of contributions, I will work hard in the Legislature to ensure their safety, good health, financial security and self-determination.

According the New Mexico Department of Aging and Long Term Services, our state will rank fourth in the nation by 2030 in the percentage of the population over the age of 65. New Mexico currently ranks second in food insecurity and third in hunger, with 13.2% of the 60+ population living at or below poverty level. Of the adult abuse, neglect and exploitation cases in the state, 65% involve people over the age of 55. Of the thousands of New Mexican families composed of grandparents raising their grandchildren, 31% live in poverty.

Essential programs of the New Mexico Department of Aging and Long Term Services cannot not be subject to budget cuts and it may, in fact, become necessary to expand these programs given our growing population of seniors.

As your Representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure that senior citizens have access to adequate meals, recreation centers, public transportation options like Senior Ride, utility relief, legal advice and protection from neglect, abuse and exploitation. Age discrimination in employment must also be combatted by strengthening equal employment laws. We must continue to shore up Medicaid funds for seniors, make available respite care and home services when necessary, and ensure that communications with seniors can be arranged in non-English languages such as Spanish, Dine and Pueblo dialects. I want to see isolated seniors be able to keep their beloved pets by helping NMDALT partner with non-profit organizations that can assist seniors with pet food, exercise and veterinary care.

New Mexico’s senior citizens have worked hard, paid taxes, made innumerable sacrifices for their families and communities and are determined to maintain their independence, dignity and productivity. We owe them no less than to ensure their future is a bright one.

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With all the elderly migrating to NM, we best relax the border. Our state will out-compete states like AZ enthralled with draconian immigration policies.
NM may find a way to weather the economic storm waiting for the wages to catch up to the cost of a dignified living.
NM taking the elderly is an economic opportunity. Streamline the aging process and healthcare in NM, we will out-compete other states. Make health-care affordable and easy to use.

Posted by: qofdisks | Oct 18, 2012 5:17:47 PM