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Sunday, September 16, 2012

09/19: House District Candidate 33; Bill McCamley Reception

I, along with Majority Leader Kenny Martinez, Rep Al Park, Rep Moe Maestas, Rep Gail Chasey, and Rep Bill O'Neill would like to Cordially Invite you to a reception in support of

Bill McCamley
Candidate for House of Representatives, District 33

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
5:00 – 7:00 PM

Chama River Brewing Company
4939 Pan American Freeway NE Albuquerque

R.S.V.P.: billmccamley14@gmail.com

Please make checks payable to:
Campaign to Bill McCamley for State Representative
PO Box 458 Mesilla Park, NM 88048

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Friday, September 14, 2012

09/16: DFA - Democracy for America Action Summit Here in Abq

Now is the time to get involved! See you here. DFA training folks are here to help keep New Mexico BLUE! To RSVP click here.

Dfa summit 001

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Marci blaze logo
District 23 House Rep Candidate Out Raises Opponent 4 to 1 in First General Election Report

In a filing with the New Mexico Secretary of State, Democratic Candidate for House District 23 Marci Blaze reported contributions of $45,057 for the period from July 1, 2012 to September 3, 2012.

“I'm truly humbled by the amazing support for my grassroots campaign to get New Mexico working again,” said Blaze. “As I knock doors and talk to my constituents - from Rio Rancho to Corrales to Albuquerque – we all agree that the gridlock in government must end, and that it's time to work together to find solutions for the problems we face as a state. I'm ready to get to work and deliver the results New Mexican families need and deserve.”

In a district with a 6-point Democratic registration advantage, Blaze looks strong heading into the homestretch, with a broad base of support that includes nearly 300 unique donors.

Blaze added, “We've got an incredible ground game that is reaching out to voters each and every day and thanks to generous supporters, we have the resources we'll need to get our message out all across the district.”

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michelle Lujan Grisham Highlights Vision for Middle Class During Candidate Debate

Opponent Embraces Ryan Budget, Has No Plan for Jobs

Democratic Congressional Nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham delivered a strong debate performance on Sunday, successfully highlighting why she is the only candidate with a vision and a plan to restore the middle class and stop Republicans from gutting Medicare.

“Too many New Mexicans are worried about keeping their job or even having a job; too many people are going without health care; and too many of our children don’t have the same educational opportunities that we once had,” Lujan Grisham said during today’s debate, hosted by Congregation Albert.

“I’m running for Congress to take responsibility for putting the middle class first.”

Michelle’s Republican opponent kicked off the debate embracing Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his plan to gut Medicare. Ryan’s plan would also slash funding for Sandia Labs by 10 percent. When asked about maintaining Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Janice Arnold-Jones said: “I support Paul Ryan’s approach.”

Michelle Lujan Grisham said she will stand up to the Tea Party Republicans in Congress who are using the Ryan budget as a blueprint for gutting Medicare and waging a war against the middle class.

“I believe that the Ryan budget…walks away from the most vulnerable of New Mexicans and Americans,” Lujan Grisham said.

“Sure you’ve got to make tough decisions,” Lujan Grisham said. “But you don’t make those on the backs of the people who are less fortunate. You don’t ask the middle class to do more. And you don’t pretend that the very social programs that we’re talking about haven’t in fact lifted a great number of Americans out of povertyArnold-Jones also downplayed job creation as a priority for Congress, saying her top priority will be passing a budget.

As a small business owner, Lujan Grisham emphasized repeatedly during the debate that her top priority in Congress will be to create jobs for New Mexicans.

“Jobs have got to be the number one priority,” Lujan Grisham said, noting her successful efforts to create jobs as a Bernalillo County Commissioner. “We’ve got to get the economy moving. Too many people are waiting for us.”

Michelle Lujan Grisham said she will work to end the Bush tax cuts for the rich and close corporate loopholes that allow companies to ship jobs overseas.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/16: Democracy for America Day of Action Here in New Mexico

Following from Timothy Nicholas, Western Regional Organizer Democracy for America

Does Heather Wilson care about New Mexico?

Her record shows that she's more interested in protecting special interests and the 1% than supporting working families. Whether it's voting against raising the minimum wage, or supporting the Republican plan to gut Medicare, you can trust that Wilson doesn't have New Mexico's best interests in mind.

It takes true progressives to represent the people of New Mexico - candidates committed to protecting working families, preserving the environment, and standing up for social justice. Candidates like Martin Heinrich (NM-Sen) and Mary Ellen Broderick (NM-HD30), two truth-tellers in our area that embody those values and are ready to fight for you.

But they can't do it alone. Republicans are pouring thousands of dollars into New Mexico and will buy the November elections if left unchallenged. We need to build a people powered movement to ensure that the voices of New Mexico are heard in November.

Join me on Sunday, September 16th for a three hour Action Summit training to build a grassroots campaign to elect Martin Heinrich and Mary Ellen Broderick and progressives up and down the ticket.

The Action Summit training is free, fun, fast paced and provides activists like you all the tools and information needed to be campaign advocates and progressive organizers. The training is an opportunity to engage with other activists, to network, and to undertake a day of action for progressive candidates in New Mexico.

Martin is a vocal advocate for the swift withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and a fierce defender of New Mexico's middle class. Mary Ellen is DFA legend; a progressive who knows you can't change things by being on the sidelines. These two candidates and others are running to bring change to New Mexico, to fight for working families and to protect and preserve New Mexico's natural resources.

Join us on Sunday, September 16th for our Action Summit -- a one day program that will give you the most effective and cutting edge skills you need to contact voters and run a successful, grassroots operation.

Agenda for Day of Action 

Noon –Welcome and Introductions
12:15 –Introduction to Candidates and DFA briefing
12:25 –Leadership and Volunteering
1 – Break
1:10 – House Parties
1:20 –Online Organizing
1:30 – Phone Banking and Canvassing
1:50 – Role Playing/Action Practice
2 – 4: Day of Action

I hope you'll RSVP and see me and other activists on Sunday. Thanks for everything that you do, -Tim Timothy Nicholas, Western Regional Organizer Democracy for America

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9/14: Women, Wine and Chocolate!

Emerge New Mexico Annual Celebration

If you want women in office you must buy tickets to this event! If you are a Man and want to be part of the Emerge Men's Alliance click here!

Also Emerge Men's Alliance is hosting the Bake Sale at Women,Wine and Chocolate 2012.

The Emerge Men's Alliance are a group of men who believe in the power of Democratic women, and support empowering women to be leaders through the work they do to support women professionally and personally, and through their generous and steadfast support of Emerge.

Members of the Emerge Men's Alliance affirm that by sharing power, resources, and knowledge, our communities will benefit from women's leadership. Emerge sincerely thanks the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Emerge Men's Alliance, Senator Jeff Bingaman and Senator Tom Udall, who have stood up for women's rights time and time again and are standing up once again to lead this important group of allies. Please view the members of the Emerge Men's Alliance below, and if you'd like to join this group, it's not too late!

Come join us for this important great event. Support women running for offices. We will have fun and be around strong women who have determination to break through the glass ceiling of politics. From the school boards to congress; women are on the move to represent and fight for our communities!

Emerge pg 1 001

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fired Up and Ready To Go Into the Future

Wow! The Democratic Convention! Powerful! Energetic! The choice is clear - do we as a nation go forwards or backwards?

New mexico was in the Charlotte house. Below is the NM Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales surrounded by New Mexico delegates casting the 48 votes for President Barack Obama!


Excerpt's from President Obama's Acceptance Speech 

Tonight, in President Obama's remarks to the Democratic National Convention, President Obama asked the country to rally around a set of concrete goals to move the country forward toward an economy that grows from the middle out, not the top down. This roadmap -- a real, achievable plan that will create jobs, expand opportunity, and strengthen the middle class -- will deliver concrete results in the key areas of manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and the deficit. Read more about the President’s roadmap HERE.

"Now, I’ve cut taxes for those who need it – middle-class families and small businesses. But I don’t believe that another round of tax breaks for millionaires will bring good jobs to our shores, or pay down our deficit. I don’t believe that firing teachers or kicking students off financial aid will grow the economy, or help us compete with the scientists and engineers coming out of China. After all that we’ve been through, I don’t believe that rolling back regulations on Wall Street will help the small businesswoman expand, or the laid-off construction worker keep his home. We’ve been there, we’ve tried that, and we’re not going back. We’re moving forward."

"This is the choice we now face. This is what the election comes down to. Over and over, we have been told by our opponents that bigger tax cuts and fewer regulations are the only way; that since government can’t do everything, it should do almost nothing. If you can’t afford health insurance, hope that you don’t get sick. If a company releases toxic pollution into the air your children breathe, well, that’s just the price of progress. If you can’t afford to start a business or go to college, take my opponent’s advice and “borrow money from your parents.”

"And while my opponent would spend more money on military hardware that our Joint Chiefs don’t even want,I’ll use the money we’re no longer spending on war to pay down our debt and put more people back to work – rebuilding roads and bridges; schools and runways. After two wars that have cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars, it’s time to do some nation-building right here at home."

"I want to reform the tax code so that it’s simple, fair, and asks the wealthiest households to pay higher taxes on incomes over $250,000 – the same rate we had when Bill Clinton was president; the same rate we had when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs, the biggest surplus in history, and a lot of millionaires to boot."

"But we also believe in something called citizenship – a word at the very heart of our founding, at the very essence of our democracy; the idea that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another, and to future generations."

"If you reject the notion that this nation’s promise is reserved for the few, your voice must be heard in this election."

"If you reject the notion that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder, you need to stand up in this election."

"If you believe that new plants and factories can dot our landscape; that new energy can power our future; that new schools can provide ladders of opportunity to this nation of dreamers; if you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules, then I need you to vote this November."

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New Mexico’s School Funding Cuts among the Nation’s Deepest

From NM Voices for Children: Cuts hurt economy in short- and long-term.

New Mexico ranks 16th worst in the country in terms of how deeply school funding has been cut since the start of the recession. These cuts put the state’s economy and long-term prosperity in jeopardy.

Investment in K-12 schools is almost 11 percent below 2008 levels, which means New Mexico has made deeper cuts than 34 other states, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan policy research organization based in Washington, D.C.

“These cuts have undermined our ability to educate New Mexico’s children and there will be consequences for the state’s economy,” said Veronica Garcia, Ed.D., Executive Director of New Mexico Voices for Children. “Good schools and an educated workforce foster economic growth.”

The recession caused state revenue to decline sharply. But instead of addressing budget shortfalls by taking a balanced approach that includes new revenues, New Mexico relied very heavily on cuts to state services, including education.

The loss of federal emergency financial aid to states and school districts has contributed to education cuts as well. Federal dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Education Jobs Fund helped states limit education cuts initially, but the aid largely expired at the end of Fiscal Year 2011, leaving states to deal with education funding shortfalls on their own.

New Mexico’s K-12 education cuts hurt the state’s economy in the short- and long-term. The cuts have extended the recession by causing both public- and private-sector job losses, slowing the pace of economic recovery. The funding cuts have forced school districts throughout the state to lay off teachers and support staff, reduce pay for the remaining staff, and cancel contracts with private businesses.

Reducing investment in schools also has long-term economic consequences. A strong education system is essential to creating and maintaining a thriving economy. Businesses need a well-educated workforce, and education cuts undermine the state’s ability to produce workers with the skills needed to compete in a global economy.

“Across much of the country, kids are going back to school to find more crowded classrooms, and – in some cases – shorter school weeks,” said Phil Oliff, policy analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and author of the report. “That’s no way to develop our future workforce and build a strong economy.”

The Center’s full report can be found by following this link.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Five Ways The Ryan Budget Hurts New Mexico

Republican Senate candidate Heather Wilson says she “admires” Paul Ryan for his willingness to “put forth bold ideas” that would end Medicare as we know it, impose deep cuts to Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories, gut funding for early education and college assistance, increase taxes on the middle class, and deal a severe blow to women and Hispanic families.

Here are five ways the Ryan budget hurts New Mexico:

1. The Ryan budget ends Medicare as we know it. The Ryan budget would scrap the guaranteed benefits provided by Medicare, and force nearly 300,000 New Mexico seniors into a voucher program when they retire. As a result, health care costs for seniors would increase by as much as $5,900 each year. The Ryan budget would also force many seniors to pay the full cost of their prescription drugs, burdening them with costs of almost $12,000.

2. The Ryan budget would impose deep cuts to Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories. Under the Ryan budget, funding for Sandia National Laboratories would be reduced by 10 percent, while funding for Los Alamos National Laboratory would be reduced by 17 percent. These cuts would impede the essential missions carried out at the laboratories and cut New Mexico jobs.

3. The Ryan budget would gut funding for early education and college assistance. In New Mexico alone, $16 million would be cut from Head Start programs and more than $21 million would be cut from Pell Grants. As a result, more than 2,000 children would loose access to preschool and other early education programs and more than 3,000 college students would loose their assistance entirely in New Mexico.

4. The Ryan budget would cut taxes for the rich while raising taxes on New Mexico’s middle class. Hard-working New Mexican families with incomes below $200,000 would see their taxes increase by nearly $2,700 each year. At the same time, the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would be made permanent and millionaires would get a windfall tax cut of $265,000.

5. The Ryan budget would deal a severe blow to women and Hispanic families. The Ryan budget’s extreme reforms to Medicare would increase out-of-pocket health care costs for nearly 190,000 Hispanic New Mexicans by thousands of dollars each year. They would also disproportionately affect women, who account for the majority of Medicare recipients. Increasing the cost of services like mammograms and cancer screenings would put preventative health care further out of reach for millions of women across the country.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

HEINRICH: Accelerated Drawdown in Afghanistan Needed

On August 23rd, U.S. Representative Martin Heinrich (NM-1) released the following statement in response to recent news reports that 2,000 Americans have now died fighting the war in Afghanistan:

“Recent reports that 2,000 Americans have now died in the Afghanistan War underscores the dire need for an accelerated drawdown of American forces in the region. I have long supported an accelerated, safe and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, and I will continue to support our men and women in uniform. I commend them for their bravery and sacrifice in defense of our nation.”

Rep. Heinrich, currently serving his second term on the House Armed Service Committee, traveled to Afghanistan in 2010 where he visited Kabul and Kandahar, and met with troops, military and diplomatic leaders, and humanitarian workers in the region. Last year, he sent a letter to President Obama expressing his desire that we begin the drawdown of military forces in Afghanistan in July 2011.

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Maggie Hart Stebbins: Highlight Of My Time on County Commission

On August 20th, Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins issued the following press release.

Leading the Way on Innovative Bernalillo County/UNM Partnership that Protects North Golf Course from Development

I’m thrilled to share with you exciting news of an event that will always stand out as a highlight of my first three years as a Bernalillo County Commissioner-- This past week, I had the privilege of joining Jack Fortner, President of the UNM Board of Regents; UNM President Dr. Robert Frank; and leaders from UNM Area neighborhoods to celebrate an outstanding accomplishment -- the approval of a partnership that will preserve the UNM North Golf Course as Open Space!

Saving the North Course has been a top priority for me from my first day on the Commission and I’m overjoyed that concerned neighborhood and community leaders and UNM Officials worked with me to find a solution that protects the last, best open space in our part of the county.

Both the Board of Regents and the County Commission approved an agreement that allows the County to dedicate $1.5 million from our Open Space budget in exchange for a 15-year conservation easement on the 80-acre North Course property. The County’s investment will fund installing a new, more efficient irrigation system, replacing aging trees and landscaping, and improving the very popular pedestrian path along the perimeter of the course.

The University and the County leveraged our respective resources to engage in a partnership that is truly a win-win-win for everyone involved. The 80-acre course provides a host of environmental and recreational benefits -- the new irrigation system alone will save an estimated 20 million gallons of precious groundwater every year, at a time when our water resources are threatened on a number of fronts.

And I am pleased that the residents of District 3, who have faithfully contributed to the County Open Space program, finally have a property that is within easy reach of our neighborhoods.

In these days when partisanship and turf battles seem to paralyze our governments, I’m especially proud of this partnership because it demonstrates how local leaders can do great things for the community when we work together. I hope that it will serve as a model for future collaboration between governments in this region.

Also this past week, at dusk, I paid a visit to the North Course. As I walked my dogs, with the 70-year-old elms arching above me, I joined at least a hundred other residents who were doing the very same thing – children and parents, kids with soccer balls and dogs and runners - dozens of people just like me who were taking advantage of the peacefulness of that open space. It was a beautiful sight and I felt very proud to have had a part in preserving that experience for years to come.

As always, I am grateful for your support that gave me the opportunity!

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day! Labor Day! Break Free, Break Through the Walls of the Status Quo Criminal Class

Below is a great post that Barb did for May Day 2010. It is totally still right on for Labor Day 2012!

Just watch it

My forebears came in from Poland, Germany and Norway through Ellis Island when there were no immigration quotas. They worked like dogs at the jobs Americans didn't want, like almost all immigrants do. I am the beneficiary of their courage and hard labor. And so is our nation.

I grew up in Chicago, a city built by immigrants of every ethnicity. Most of today's America was built by immigrants, not the descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims. We built on what was built for centuries by slaves and indentured servants, not the ancestors of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Immigrants and racial, ethnic and other minorities have always been our strength and our salvation. They work hard and they unite to stand up to the corrupt forces of the status quo. Think unions, think every civil rights and liberation and reform movement that ever emerged in the U.S.

Now the forces of the status quo and their frightened and misguided followers want to stop all this. They always do, whether it's been freed slaves or immigrants from Ireland or Italy or Eastern Europe or the Caribbean or Africa or Mexico or wherever. The very word 'conservative' means to keep things as they are because I am the beneficiary of power, position and wealth by my very bloodline and/or longstanding connections. The irony is that today's right wingers and teabaggers are often victims of the greedy, insular forces of the status quo, yet they defend the very forces that oppress them, convinced that it's immigrants or minorities or liberals or unions or a government that serves the needs of ordinary people that's to blame for their penury.

Today, on May Day, a day for celebrating the labor movement, a day when immigration reform marches are taking place all over the land, I say fuck the forces of White only and English only. Fuck the forces that scapegoat people willing to take risks and work hard to provide for their families. Fuck the forces that use vile propaganda to stir up hatred and reward ignorance.

Fuck the forces that defend the status quo ruling class so huge blobs of money can keep flowing to those who sit on their asses and "invest" in scams and manipulate and steal and deregulate oil drilling so that our entire Gulf coast -- including all its wildlife, its working people, its entire ecosystem and economic infrastructure -- is going to be devastated and entire ways of life destroyed so BP could save the money it would take to employ technologies to help prevent that. Fuck the forces that keep arms flowing all over the world and eternal wars going to feed the war profiteers and enable the usurping of natural resources all over the globe. Fuck the forces that destroy native cultures and whole communities and huge parts of the world so they can keep themselves and their "investors" in the money.

Immigrants, whether documented or not, and minorities of every kind are not the enemy, are not the terrorists. Our real enemies and terrorists are in power either upfront or behind the scenes in connection with -- or bought off by -- every "deregulated" financial and corporate undertaking that is raping our nation and nations around the globe for obscene profits. They kill and maim and torture people. They kill ecosystems. They kill education. They kill health care. They kill children. They bankrupt governments and homeowners. They kill wildlife and plant life. They poison the seas and the groundwater and the very air we breathe. It is they who must be arrested and jailed and convicted and stopped in their tracks, not families fleeing from utter poverty caused by all the "free" trade and monetary policy scams that have made slave labor the preferred option for the corporate and banking interests who call all the shots.

Today, on May Day, let's start pointing the finger in no uncertain terms at our real enemies. Let's work towards uniting all the hated minorities - the black and brown and yellow ones, the gay and bi and trans ones, the people who care about the earth and human dignity and the animals and justice -- and use our union to go after the bloodsuckers who are causing the horrors that are erupting and spreading each and every day. If we don't, we know the dark forces will win. They've got the guns but we've got the numbers -- only if we unite. We all know in our hearts that's what this era will be about. Can the united forces of progress overcome the stultifying forces of greed and privilege? Only time will tell.

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