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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Senator Phil Griego Corrects Campaign Ad

Sen phil griegoThe following Op-ed was published in the Abq Journal North on Sept 12, 2012

I am currently the New Mexico state Senator representing District 39. I write this editorial to correct statements that were made by my campaign during this year’s Democratic primary race.

During my primary race, my campaign published advertisements in this paper criticizing my opponent, Jack Sullivan. In these ads, my campaign also made certain statements regarding two New Mexico tax-exempt nonpartisan nonprofit organizations, the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) and the Center for Civic Policy (CCP). The ads stated that SWOP and CCP were paying the salaries of my opponent’s campaign manager, Neri Holguin, and other campaign staff.

After meeting with CCP and SWOP, I now believe that was not the case and I wish now to correct the record.

Neither SWOP nor CCP made any payments to Ms. Holguin. These regrettable accusations may have caused these organizations potential harm to their reputations.

These organizations provide important education and advocacy resources to underrepresented communities in New Mexico. Both CCP and SWOP educate New Mexicans about issues that are important to our communities, such as access to health care, equitable tax policies, and environmental justice. While I do not always agree with their views on these issues, I applaud their extensive track records of contributing to healthy debate toward finding solutions to these pressing issues and for encouraging New Mexicans to become more vocal and empowered in policy-making decisions. An informed, educated and engaged public is the foundation for democracy. The efforts of these two organizations are truly in service to that very goal.

I hope that by setting the record straight, both SWOP and CCP can continue with their important work, unencumbered by gossip and innuendo.

Personally, I intend to direct my energies, going forward, on fighting for my constituents and New Mexicans statewide, by supporting policies and programs that I consider to be the top priorities facing New Mexico, namely job creation, economic development, health care, and water and agricultural issues.

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