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Monday, August 13, 2012

Support Growing for Same Sex Couple Parents, Hope Christian Silent.

On August 8th, the following blog piece was provided by Jesse Lopez, President of New Mexico Coalition for Student Justice

In less than three days, over 400 individuals have logged on to change.org and signed the petition titled “End discrimination against GLBT at Hope Christian Academy School.” The petition, being endorsed by GetEqualNM and the Coalition for Student Justice, was created in response to the school denying enrollment to a child because the child’s parents are of the same sex.

As support grows for the family, organizations and national media outlets across the country are beginning to weigh in on the debate over federal funding, 501-c3 non-profit status, and the New Mexico Human Rights Act that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and “public accommodations.” It also bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“Not only does it appear that Hope Christian may in fact be violating the law, they are sending the wrong message to the community. Already several high school students that identify as being gay have reached out and are scared to go back to school, and are now more afraid to come out. It appears Hope’s leadership team is willing to take tax payer dollars and create an environment with inequality, and more so, willing to allow students currently enrolled to feel morally derogated and belittled because they are gay.” Jesse Lopez

Please follow this link to sign petition. Below is a copy of the petition:

Greetings, I just signed the following petition addressed to: State of New Mexico Federal Delegation - End discrimination against GLBT at Hope Christian Academy School

State of New Mexico Federal Delegation,

We the signed petitioners of New Mexico and across the USA are urging you to look into recent actions by Hope Christian Academy in Albuquerque New Mexico denying a 3 year old enrollment because the child's parents are of the same sex.

As I am sure, you are well aware, in 1954 the Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs. the Board of Education that "Segregation of students in public schools violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, because separate facilities are inherently unequal."

Although HOPE Christian Academy maintains itself as a private institution it in facts receives $60,000 annually from the federal government. These tax dollars come from the pockets of American families, including those of same sex couples. Because the school, in part is funded by my tax dollars, I am signing this petition and asking that you look further into the discriminative actions taken by HOPE Christian Academy and enforce the law of the United States government and allow this child to enroll.

If we do nothing, we have failed to learn from our past, and allow agents of hate to exist. If we are to began teaching a new generation on equality allow this child to enroll and not fall short on unequal actions.

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