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Monday, July 09, 2012

New Sierra Club Ad Targets Heather Wilson for Votes to Protect Big Oil Campaign Donors

Six Figure Ad Buy Highlights Wilson’s Dirty Water and Dirty Politics

Today, the Sierra Club launched a new six-figure television ad campaign (above) highlighting Congresswoman Heather Wilson’s record of consistently voting to put the agenda of her Big Oil campaign donors before the needs of New Mexico families. The first ad (“Natural Resources”) highlights Wilson’s multiple votes to shield chemical manufacturers and oil companies from liability for contaminating hundreds of groundwater sites and multiple water systems throughout New Mexico with MTBE, a toxic gasoline additive rated as a “potential human carcinogen” by the EPA. These same MTBE producers and Big Oil companies also contributed thousands upon thousands of dollars to Wilson’s campaign coffers.

“Wilson’s dirty politics stuck New Mexico farmers and families with dirty water while she raked in the campaign cash,” said David Farrell, Sierra Club Political Chair for the Southern Group, Rio Grande Chapter. “Big Oil and chemical companies poisoned the drinking water used by thousands and thousands of New Mexicans, putting the health of our kids at risk. But, instead of holding these polluters accountable, Heather Wilson took their money and voted to let them off the hook.”

While accepting more than $60,000 from MTBE producers and oil companies facing lawsuits because of MTBE contamination, Wilson voted four times for legislation that would protect those same companies from liability. That includes votes for the 2003, 2004, and 2005 Bush energy bills maintaining that liability shield and a vote against a stand-alone 2005 bill that would have stripped the shielding provision.

To date, Wilson has taken a total of more than $700,000 from oil and gas companies.

“Access to clean water is vitally important to farmers and families in New Mexico. Instead of protecting us, Wilson consistently chose to put big polluters and their millions first, giving them a free pass for threatening the health and well-being of our children,” said Farrell.

The new ad is part of a coalition effort by environmental and conservation groups to defeat Wilson and support the campaign of Congressman Martin Heinrich, who has consistently voted to protect clean air, clean water, and the health of New Mexico families while creating thousands of new clean energy jobs.

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Sierra Club communication directors: please consider adding statement with message to the effect "unlike other ads paid for by individuals and companies hiding behind organizational names that don't tell you who they really are" BEFORE the proscribed "paid for by the Sierra Club" -- this adds the education that unfortunately seems to be needed - that it is important to know who is telling you what, over and over and over...

Posted by: Marc | Jul 12, 2012 7:08:40 PM