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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ready for the Next Step of this Journey

Ready for the next step of this journey from Michelle Lujan Grisham's campaign for Congessional District 1.

Election Night

It was because of your support and your votes that I have the honor and privilege of being your Democratic nominee for New Mexico's First Congressional District. I was considered the third-place candidate in what, last March, was being called a 2-man race, but our message rang true with voters. I had two formidable candidates who want the best for New Mexico, but, I believe my history of advocacy, of doing what is right for others - whatever the political climate - made the difference in this election.

Now, we have a new challenge: beating the Republican hopeful for this Congressional seat. Make no mistake, Janice Arnold-Jones and the GOP will be tough opponents. I will continue to need your strong support throughout this race. This is a watershed moment for America - one where we could be faced with an empowered Republican Party fulfilling their agenda of dismantling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and creating even more roadblocks for Americans trying to live the American Dream.

Working together, we can create a renewed strength - one where we develop an even stronger country based on compassion, shared sacrifices and shared opportunities., and a country where we put people first. I will be asking for your time, your votes and your donations over the next few months, and, in turn, I pledge to work tirelessly for you and for New Mexico.

Meet our Summer Interns

Summer Interns
Leilei, Hannah, Christina, Addie and Jane

We've been fortunate to bring on board five exceptional young women to help with our campaign this summer.

Leilei, from the Sichuan province of China, was an exchange student at UNM this last year. Her interest is in international relations and working at our office is her opportunity to learn about how the American political system works. She has been impressed with how Michelle engages with people, noting that, in China, politicians seldom interact with the public.

Christina is from Albuquerque and is a Sophomore at UNM majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. She wanted to find an internship in the political field, and wanted to work for someone she could believe in. She put together a Thank-You video for us after the election.

Jane, a graduate of Eldorado High School, is now a Junior at Whitman College majoring in Politics. Jane was attracted to Michelle because of where she stands on the issues. Her mother is a nurse so she understands well the the challenges facing our healthcare system and is impressed with Michelle history of getting things done.

Hannah and Addie are friends entering their Senior years at Eldorado High School. Michelle met them at an announcement party for MaryEllen Broderick. Democratic Candidate for State House District 30. Hannah is interested in public relations, and Addie brings an unbounded energy to do whatever task is asked of her.

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Well... at least CD1 will most likely have a "D" next to the name of our member of congress. Unfortunately, Ms. Grisham isn't much of a true "D" more of a Marty Chavez type of "D" (when it's convenient)... I honestly think that Ms. Arnold-Jones and Ms. Grisham are very similar in their political beliefs. If either should win, their votes will be virtually identical, so I may have to flip a coin to see who I vote for in November.

Posted by: Local Voter | Jun 19, 2012 8:39:52 AM

Grow up ! Griego lost.

Posted by: Memba | Jun 20, 2012 10:39:30 PM

Don't most congressmembers vote 80 or 90% with their caucus (party)? Then it makes a big difference who we elect in November.

Posted by: Michelle Meaders | Jun 24, 2012 3:56:35 PM