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Friday, June 29, 2012

New Mexico House of Representatives Now More Than Ever

Ok....the republicans have got to deal with the huge Supreme Court opinion that "Obamacare" is the law of the land. God forbid ordinary people recieve healthcare. They have promised to keep that fight going, both on the Federal level and surely the State level and they will.

Open up the Journal today and read that Schott Solar is closing, more than 200 jobs gone in Albuquerque today. This is bad beyond believe. Of all industry that should be thriving is the making of solar panels. How incredibly sad that these jobs are going under.

Every republican that does not vote for green energy jobs, and who continues to be bought off by oil and gas should be voted out.

Now is the time folks. We know the positions of the republicans within the state and within the federal government. The hysteria from the republicans yesterday over the decision yesterday is real, they are furious about our socialists government.

The backlash from the republicans regarding this decision is going to be huge, and it is going to be in the form of money to smear every democrat that wants to bring jobs and dignity and security to our citizens.

2012_0628maryellen20027So I ask you please contribute to Elect Mary Ellen Broderick HD30 or to whoever is the strong person in your district who is fighting against the republican fear machine. We must hold on to the NM House of Representatives Now More Than Ever.


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