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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NM-1: National Nurses United Endorses Eric Griego for Congress

From the Griego for Congress Campaign.

Today, Eric Griego for Congress in New Mexico’s First District announced Griego’s endorsement by the National Nurses United (NNU), which represents 155,000 registered nurses throughout the nation.

In a letter to Griego, NNU PAC Chair Carolyn Hietamaki, RN, said: “We believe that you will do an excellent job in representing your district on health, labor, women’s issues, and civil rights, which are important issues to registered nurses.”

“I’m proud of receiving the support of nurses, who work hard to care for patients and heal the sick at our hospitals and nursing homes,” Griego said.  “The nurses agree that we must do more to make quality healthcare more affordable and to fight back against the Republican war on women.”

“I will never waver in my commitment to continue fighting for quality affordable healthcare for all Americans, and fight the Tea Party agenda of cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

Eric Griego supports expanding coverage and reducing the cost of healthcare by allowing every American to be able to enroll in Medicare.  He has also fought to protect Medicaid from funding cuts proposed by Republicans and conservative Democrats in the state legislature.

Eric Griego’s pro-worker record is unmatched in this race.  A proud former member of the American Federation of Government Employees and the American Federation of Teachers, Griego has fought to protect worker rights and to increase the minimum wage.  That is why he is endorsed by most of the labor unions involved in the race.

Eric Griego has been an outspoken leader on protecting women’s rights in the state legislature.  That is why he is endorsed by leading national women’s voice, Dr. Martha Burk, and State Senator Dede Feldman and State Representative Mimi Stewart -- the two respective chairwomen of the state legislature’s committees focused on women’s issues.

Eric Griego is also proud of his support for comprehensive national immigration reform and the Dream Act.

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Griego vs Keller

It is unfortunate NNU did not research Griego's ability to achieve legislative successes before they decided on their candidate.

Griego was only able to get 1 out of 51 bills signed into law and only 4 through the Senate.

We did some research to find a senator who looked roughly the same on paper to compare the records of the two legislators. Tim Keller is a progressive elected the same year Griego.

Keller is 10 times as effective as Griego. Keller has had 10 bills signed into law and pushed 30 through the senate. He was able to get 17 through both chambers.

Griego got 1 signed into law, 4 through the senate and only 1 through both chambers. 10 to 1, 30 to 4, and 17 to 1 is their records side by side.

The conservative Democrats in the senate did not seem to stifle Keller's ability achieve success. Is Keller a prodigy or is Griego bad at his job?

It does not matter how progressive a candidate is if that candidate cannot pass a law.

Does Griego have the legislative skill to be successful in DC?

The answer, based on the facts, is NO.


Posted by: Ken | May 2, 2012 6:53:21 PM


Apples vs. oranges. Assuming for the sake of argument that your stats are correct, you neglect to mention that Eric Griego and Tim Keller are running for different offices.

If the National Nurses United wants to endorse both Eric Griego AND Tim Keller ... they should be encouraged to do so. Your argument that they didn't do their homework before deciding to endorse Griego is nonsensical.

NOW ... if you compare apples to apples (Eric Griego against Marty Chavez and Lujan-Grisham) ... it will be very clear very quickly why the National Nurses United decided to support Griego.

Posted by: Lora Lucero | May 2, 2012 11:12:34 PM

Ken has an interesting argument. I thought Eric was held back by conservatives in the Senate, but I never thought about comparing him to other legislators.

Keller is a solid progressive who had success. So I must wonder why Griego did not. He cannot claim ideological differences if Keller was successful.

I don't think Ken was comparing apples to oranges. He was comparing a Senator to a Senator to evaluate his capacity as legislator.

If Griego cannot succeed in a state where another progressive can succeed, how will he fair in DC where there are fewer Democrats?

Posted by: Sarah | May 3, 2012 1:44:08 AM

In the comparison of "Griego vs Keller" was their any discussion of the types of bills developed by each? Keller is a business/finance person, and I would bet that many of his bills were related and that much compromise was required to get them out of committee. We I would assume that more of Griego's progressive bills were much more hard hitting and not at all liked by the Republicans, and equally disliked by the "so-called" Democrats like John Arthur Smith, Tim Jennings, John Sapien, Phil Griego, George Munoz, etc. Therefore, I would again assume that the majority of bills presented by Eric Griego were killed in committee. I say compare the bills, not the individuals.

Posted by: Local Voter | May 3, 2012 8:34:33 AM

Re: Griego vs. Keller: What a bunch of crap. This is Marty's line. How many bills a Senator got passed is an extremely limited measure of success.

Local Voter gets it right about the kinds of bills each Senator authored. Moreover, Eric Griego worked hard to pass a lot of good bills which other Senators authored, including public financing for PRC elections.

So thank you for your concern, Ken. Democrats aren't going to vote for Janice Arnold-Jones if Griego is our nominee, as you preposterously state in your one-item "blog."

Posted by: Proud Democrat | May 3, 2012 3:21:36 PM

Frankly, this is a typical smear campaign coming from someone who fears a reformer. Ironically, it illustrates how effective Eric Griego has been and will be in shaking up the status quo.....when he generates this type of heartburn from the establishment folks (both Republicans and Dems).

Posted by: Lora Lucero | May 3, 2012 3:23:42 PM

Who's the culprit behind this character assassination of Eric Griego? Marty Chavez's campaign? Michelle Lujan Grisham's campaign?

Eric Griego has the support of the progressives in this district because he's taken on the tough fights for real progressive change that sadly neither the moderate Chavez or Lujan Grisham would.

Tim Keller is a great legislator, and so is Eric Griego. They're great and effective in different ways. Eric is outspoken in supporting the progressive agenda, and sees his role as pushing the negotiating hand towards progressives so that the final deal is better for the progressives to accept. Tim sees his role as a broker who can get everyone to sign on once people like Eric makes the deal more palatable for the progressives. Without people like Eric fighting hard for progressives, we'd be stuck with conservative legislation time after time.

And Eric deserves credit for pushing for issues that are hard, but necessary.

1. He's tried hard numerous times to get his own party to go along with getting money of out of politics by limiting contribution amounts and to lengthen the time between when a legislator can become a lobbyist. Something all of us agree would be good. It didn't pass though. Why? Because not only Republicans, but even too many Democrats opposed it. After all, if you're an incumbent, why would you want to take away your own ability to collect money from lobbyists and corporations? This is why we need more Democrats like Eric in Congress to push back -- not only against the Republicans, but even against Democrats who are just like them. It's the struggle of a reformer working to change the corrupt system.

2. How many people talk about green jobs but actually get them done? Eric has. He fought off oil and gas companies, and even members of his own party who were in their pockets, to get it done. That's a true measure of a progressive who's not just about talking the talk, but walking the walk.

3. Eric fought off Republicans and firmed up even some Democrats, including women, to make sure that their anti-women and anti-equality bills were dead on arrival in his committees. Easy fights? Nope. But that's why he's a real Democrat.

4. We Democrats talk about protecting the environment, but we see so many of them lie down and stepped all over by Republicans and oil and coal lobbyists when it looks politically inconvenient. Look at what happened in 2009 with the American Clean Energy and Security Act. It was watered-down by Democrats unwilling to take on oil, gas and coal lobbyists who were threatening to spend millions against any who did. And even when it passed the House, it never even made it to the floor in the Senate because 2-3 Democrats threatened to join Republicans to filibuster it just to save their own hides. We could've used more Eric Griego's in Congress during this battle. Alas, we had bunch of moderates cutting deals for the sake of cutting deals just to say they got something done. Did you like what they got done?

4. A lot of Democratic candidates say they support worker rights, and even pledge to support the Employee Free Choice Act. But look at what they've done. Eric got trashed by the Chamber of Commerce and ALEC and other business interests for fighting for Project Labor Agreements, increasing the minimum wage, and protecting public services and worker. Marty Chavez and Michelle Lujan Grisham both privatized public services. They proudly stump on their record of working with (or for) Republicans to get deals passed. Deals that laid off public workers, deals that brought more minimum wage jobs to the city and county just to claim "x number of jobs" to campaign for Congress on.

Getting a deal done just for the sake of getting a deal done... even when it doesn't do much for the people... that's what moderates such as Lujan Grisham and Chavez are good for. But fighting to make sure we can get the best deal possible... that's what a real progressive like Griego is good for.

Posted by: Downtown Progressive | May 3, 2012 4:04:10 PM

Proud Democrat and Lora should respond to the facts and not attack the person who posted the facts. We need dialogue not attacks. What set Keller apart from Griego?

Was it his approach? Was it his temperament? Was it his work ethic? Did he care more?

I think it would be beneficial for a Griego supporter explain why Keller, a progressive senator, was far more successful than Griego.

Is there a good explanation that can be used to build voter confidence in Griego? If there is, what is it?

There will not be other representatives who will author bills that directly benefit us. These bills will need to be carried in the House by the representative in CD1. The candidate we vote for must have the skills to pass legislation or our district will suffer.

Heinrich did not ask a fellow representative to carry bills for CD1. He worked hard and produced for his constituents. His replacement will need to do the same.

Posted by: Sarah | May 3, 2012 4:34:38 PM

Eric Griego's legislative successes have been many, and they've frequently been on the big issues that many, especially moderates such as Lujan Grisham and Chavez and their conservative allies, refused to even get anywhere near with a 10 feet pole.

For example:
1. Sponsored and passed a green jobs training bill in the state senate while fighting off oil and gas industry opposition.
2. Defeated rollbacks of state-only carbon cap and participation in the Western Climate Initiative.
3. Passed the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which attracted green jobs to Albuquerque.
4. Passed a 1/4-cent public safety tax that is credited with making the city’s police and firefighters some of the best trained and equipped in the nation
5. Fought off Susana Martinez’s and some Democrats’ efforts to make major cuts to public pensions.
6. Fought off conservatives' bills designed to erode women’s family planning rights.
7. Passed public financing of elections and created the inspector general's office in Albuquerque.

Too many to list them all....

Are Eric's moderate opponents deeply afraid of his momentum? Sure seems like it.

Eric Griego deserves an applause for running a positive campaign. It's clear that Michelle Lujan Grisham and Marty Chavez supporters trolling the blog would rather try to tear him down with negative smears than talk about their own qualifications. Maybe they're realizing that they have no hope of winning without going negative?

Posted by: Downtown Progressive | May 3, 2012 7:11:08 PM

So what's my attack, "Sarah?" "Thanks for your concern, Ken?" "What a load of crap?" Those statements are my opinion, not at all ad hominem. You write your commentary; I'll write mine. Downtown Progressive has addressed your points quite well, I think.

While you're writing your commentary, why don't you address my contention that legislative success is not limited to the number of a legislator's own bills he gets passed. Your framing that we should be concerned about how effective Eric would be in Congress is absurd. Readers might want to consider that Eric has seven years of legislative experience, for on the City Council and three in the state senate. (Really four, since the session is over.) Michelle has one year(!) of legislative experience. Marty's time in the state house was decades ago.

If any candidate has the actual record and recent experience to be a great congressman right off the bat, it's Eric Griego. So keep attacking his strength!

Posted by: Proud Democrat | May 4, 2012 10:28:56 AM


I hope you read Tim Keller's and Dede Feldman's response posted on this blog Friday. You want facts? I would like some transparency. Care to contact me off line if you prefer to remain anonymous here?

LoraLucero@aol.com or 688-0963

Posted by: Lora Lucero | May 5, 2012 1:12:23 AM