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Monday, May 14, 2012

Michelle Lujan Grisham; New TV Ad, Mom's Day Message from Daughters and Abq Journal Endorsement

A recap of the weekend for Michelle Lujan Grisham. From launching a new TV ad below, to a wonderful letter from her daughters asking the community to support their mom for CD1, and lastly the endorsement by the Albuquerque Journal. Kind of like a trifecta!

Today is Mother's Day. For some mothers that will mean sleeping in a little, lounging around in their pajamas and maybe even breakfast in bed. But not for our mom. Can you guess what she is doing to celebrate Mother's Day? She is out meeting voters all across the 1st Congressional District.

As kids growing up there may have been a few times when it was tough to share our mom's attention with others since she was a hard-working public servant. But when we look back at why she always worked so hard for seniors, children and families and the positive results she got, its hard for us to complain. Sometimes we questioned why she would move people into our home, like the battered woman and her child who lived with us for a year or the 95 year old veteran who stayed with us until he could support himself, but we understand that her heart was always in the right place and she always wants to help those who needed it most.

And that is why she wants to go to Congress – to stand up for all of us. It's clear that the time she spent away from home, fighting to end neglect and abuse in nursing homes, fighting for better health care for New Mexicans, and working to end waste and fraud in government, was really sort of an early Mother's Day gift for the two of us, for the time in the future when we might become mothers ourselves. And it was a Mother's Day gift for all other New Mexico mothers. In fact, the battles she's fought have been a gift to ALL New Mexicans . . . not just the mothers. And she's not showing any signs of slowing down.

Once she's elected you can guarantee that she'll dive into the job and work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of all the residents of the 1st Congressional District.

But she needs your help to get elected, please go her website to see how you can help get the word out to voters.

So please . . . won't you help us give our mom a great belated Mother's Day gift on June 5th? Please help her win this primary election so that she can continue with her lifelong passion . . . serving her extended family . . . the good people of New Mexico.

Thank you all so much!
Taylor & Erin Grisham

Abq Journal Endorsement

Yesterday morning the Albuquerque Journal endorsed Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The Journal praised her as an assertive and ethical leader “who won’t hesitate to wade into tough issues.”

This endorsement builds on the strong momentum Michelle has established in the campaign over the last 6 weeks. From leading in money at the end of the last quarter to our strong endorsements from IATSE, the State Professional Fire Fighters and the Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters we clearly have momentum that will propel us to victory on June 5th.

In their endorsement, the Journal embraced Michelle’s unmatched ability to bypass government bureaucracy to get things done and “ensure New Mexicans get the access to services they deserve.” The Journal also highlighted her clear stances on health care, creating jobs and passing meaningful immigration reform “that safeguard New Mexicans but pragmatically attack long-term fiscal and security problems.”

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"to stand up for all of us"

Like when she stood with Republicans Heather Wilson and Darren White in Gary Johnson's administration as they slashed state government and taxes for the rich? Or when they pushed for private school vouchers? Or when they pushed for nursing home deregulation?

Posted by: Ann | May 16, 2012 10:30:33 AM

Michelle Lujan Grisham Privatized Health Care For Our Seniors

Lujan Grisham says she is “a fighter for senior citizens … protecting their rights.” I’m sorry, but that claim is just not true. At the Department of Health Michelle Lujan Grisham was an incompetent manager, under whose watch numerous residents suffered and died prematurely.

She managed the Department of Health, and when the state-run Ft. Bayard nursing home was cited for negligence by her own agency, and by a federal agency as one of the nation’s worst performing nursing homes, Lujan Grisham attempted to brush her failures under the carpet by privatizing the home. Privatizing it!

She sold the state nursing home to Wackenhut Corrections Corporation. You can just imagine the effects of the layoffs of so many New Mexico State employees. When Larry Barker did a Channel 13 report on the situation and said Lujan Grisham’s “words ring hollow”, the story wrapped up with the news that Lujan Grisham had resigned, to run for Congress.

What does this tell us about Michelle Lujan Grisham the protector of senior citizens; who failed in her role as manager and was accountable both for the systemic failure of the facility which caused so much suffering to our seniors, and as the cabinet secretary who sold off state resources to avoid accepting responsibility? It tells us volumes about her career as a politician, and her ability to play fast and loose with the truth about her failure to protect our seniors.

How can Michelle Lujan Grisham come before us now, re-inventing her own history, trying to re-position her short career managing New Mexico’s state healthcare system as someone we should trust?

Don’t believe what her campaign says, just look at her record.

That’s how you know who to trust.

Posted by: Sincere labor supporter | May 16, 2012 12:27:12 PM

The fact of the matter is that MLG is a much better qualified candidate than the other two stooges in this race. She doesn't have the baggage of Marty and she has a record of getting things done unlike Eric, who has been so incredibly ineffective in a legislature controlled by his party with a Democrat Governor that it's simply laughable. All of these "progressives" who preach about positive campaigning seem to be forgetting what it is they hate about politics in favor of the puppet of the PCCC.

Posted by: CD1 | May 18, 2012 8:13:35 AM

MLG was "effective"? As in several people dying on her watch at the Fort Bayard Medical Center? Or when she was sued by the U.S. Justice Department for her terrible job that led to those deaths? She claims in a mail piece that the Justice Department "commended" her, citing a letter dated 2006. Someone was kind enough to share that letter with me, and the only thing the Justice Department commended her for was not getting in the way of their investigation for the terrible job she did as Health Secretary. She has some real chutzpah to try to make this about effectiveness. She should look at her right-wing "Democrat" endorsers like John Arthur Smith, who blocks everything decent and progressive that people like Tim Keller, Eric Griego, and Dede Feldman tried hard to push for. She should be ashamed of her misleading campaign against Griego. Effectiveness. Pshh.

Posted by: Downtown Progressive | May 18, 2012 8:29:10 PM

I dare you to ask about her views on family living for the developmentally disabled here in NM. It's a community based program that moves people with developmental disabilities in with families throughout the state. This program keeps people from being institutionalized though group homes and gives each person a comfortable and suitable home if wanted. This program costs less to run than group homes but MLG tried everything in her power to cut this program out. Yet she talks about helping working families??? Try that job out for a week Michelle then come talk to me. Another lying politician. No thanks.

Posted by: Daniel | May 20, 2012 10:49:26 PM