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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House District 46 is Worth Fighting For; Guest Blog by David Coss

Coss for state rep

As the election nears, tensions start to heat up. I’m sure you’re getting a ton of political mail, and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing about one candidate or another. That’s because elections are about choices, and it’s important that voters have all the information about the people they are going to trust to make important choices on their behalf before going to the voting booth.

Our campaign is working hard to talk to voters. Here’s why: House District 46 is worth fighting for. Northern Santa Fe County deserves a quality, experienced leader, with strong Democratic values and a track record of success. The issues we face are too serious and too urgent to throw this election to chance. So we’re working hard, talking to voters at the doors and on the phone, about the choice they face on June 5th.

My opponent is Carl Trujillo. He’s an employee at the Labs and has been a homebuilder in the area. In this campaign and the one he ran in 2010, Carl has staked his entire campaign on running against, as he calls it, “the Democratic Party machine.” He called me a “career politician with a dubious record when it comes to ethics and transparency,” and claimed that I’m backed by “the political old-boy network.”

I am proud of my record as a labor union organizer, a civil servant and a state worker. I am proud of my record as an elected official, fighting for increased ethics and transparency. And I am proud of all the support you have given me. The support for this campaign encompasses all walks of life, progressive reformers, longtime Democrats and brand new voters to the political process.

Carl has spent three years now railing against the “Democratic Party machine.” He says he’s against what the “Democratic Party Machine” stands for. But, Carl serves on the Democratic Party’s State Central Committee, which is the elected body that governs the very same “Democratic Party machine.”Not only that, but he’s also a Party Ward Chair. So, he’s against the Party, calls it a “machine led by cronies” but he helps run it?

Carl also says he’s a Democrat and that he’s for Democratic values, but he says that labor unions can “get in the way of fair wages and employment opportunities.” You can see the youtube video here. Having been a labor organizer and a longtime union member, and seeing the attacks on labor unions in Wisconsin and other states, I find his views incredibly troubling.

I continue to invite Carl to accept the challenge publicly to discuss the issues with me, so that voters know where we both stand, and what we’ll each bring to public office. The Santa Fe New Mexican has generously offered to host a moderated public debate. I have accepted but am disappointed that Carl has not.

The election is just 7 shorts days away. Like I said, this election is too important to throw to chance. Please get involved and vote on June 5th. The working families of House District 46 are worth fighting for.

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There is no link to the YouTube video mentioned. Please post it.

Posted by: Ellen Wedum | May 30, 2012 5:57:24 AM