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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final Countdown to Pre-Primary Election June 5, 2012

T minus 6 days.

Primaries are tough. This year the CD1 primary has been real tough. Barb had a way to wrap up all the "he said she said's." For me it is a struggle. I feel like I should have a striped shirt on and a whistle, yelling "Fowl, ten yard penalty". 

Who am I to say what is a penalty unless it is very blatant. And to be fair each claim brought up by a campaign against the other has to be researched in depth. So far Eric's campaign stating Michelle was in charge of the Ft Bayard complex when things were so horrible down there, is the most awful thing. However, what it triggers for me is how the poor souls living in those types of conditions still exist I am sure. Our society is not caring for our elderly. We do not staff the senior care centers right and more of us are getting old and will need care of some sort. Bottom line, the senior care centers need more funding and oversight. Reviewing the federal report briefly it appears Michelle worked very openly with the federal gov't when they stepped in to review this nightmare. But, I am sure it is still going on within this state somewhere. I had the pleasure of shadowing Michelle for a day back in February, to a Native American senior gathering, and these seniors just lit up seeing Michelle. Each one saying how she helped them out. I took video testimonials at the time but never had time to put them up. I will share one now.

As for Eric and his speeding tickets and other non violent fines, what can I say? First thing that comes to mind is "is that the best you all got?" Oh yeah, there is the fact that Eric only had one bill that he carried pass. For me that is a sign of the road block times we live in. No wonder he got speeding tickets after being in this legislature and seeing nothing get done, and very important measures being voted down, like senior care and oversight. I may be speeding too! Folks should not forget that Eric cast many many votes for all the other bills during his 4 years as a senator. They were the right votes and were very much needed for the people. I am sharing a video below of Eric speaking about the DREAM act, Let's think about all the people the DREAM act will help, kids that want to learn and make a difference.

Last but not least is Marty. Marty could still pull this out for sure. Marty has his pluses and minuses as all human beings. He is staying out of the finalist riffraff it appears. The fouls were being thrown early between Eric and Marty as CD1 candidates. There is no sense in revisiting these here and now. Suffice to say Marty could still pull out a win.

I am putting up a video below of all three candidates at a debate that was sponsored by Bern Co ward 11A. The question was about the budget, balancing the budget.

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The NM-1 race certainly has become ugly. I'm telling my voters to ignore the hype. The choice is the same as it was at the beginning of the year. So vote for the candidate whom you believe shares your values and will do the best job. For me that's Eric Griego, hands down. Everybody else gets to make their own decision.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | May 30, 2012 9:54:52 PM

It is unfortunate that one candidate refuses to support the other candidates if they win. This was posted in another blog post.

Vicki said... I had a conversation with Eric Griego about a week ago when he called me looking for support. We had a long talk and I asked many questions about his campaign and his vision. I was not happy about his acceptance of a severance of $24K from his non-profit employer when he quit. It is an ethical lapse that doesn't speak well for a self-described progressive. He said he was "not wealthy like Marty and Michelle". My biggest issue is that he personally hates Marty so much that he said he would not vote for him if he won the nomination, because he was corrupt and Janice Arnold Jones was not. This is what sealed it for me, I will not vote for a candidate who doesn't care that a Republican may represent NM in CD-1 over a Democrat. I will vote for Michelle Lujan Grisham and I will support whichever Democrat runs from NM. Any Republican candidate running today knows full well toxic leadership and message the GOP preaches in America today. Frankly, I'm not happy with the outside money in the CD-1 election, New Mexicans should select their own representative, and I'm frankly done with all the outside money flowing into this state for both the GOP and Dem candidates.

All the candidates should send emails or post to this post telling Democrats that they will work hard to elect any Democrat who wins the primary.

Posted by: Susan | May 31, 2012 6:37:00 AM

I understand you are trying to unite the party, but it is important to get information out if there is proof one one candidate's record is being distorted. This is what KRQE had to say about Griego’s Super PAC's add, “The video and sound was used without our permission- and we believe the spot also falsely and misleadingly portrays the facts of our investigation.”


Posted by: Kim Sanchez | May 31, 2012 10:19:28 AM


Susan quotes Vicki at length. However, she links to a blogger profile for Vicki, demonstrating that the two are the same person, i.e. sockpuppets. This is a serious breach of netiquette, and grounds for banning on most blogs. It's deceptive, manipulative, and flat out unethical to pretend to be two different people in an online discourse.

I can't prove that Susan/Vicki is a Lujan Grisham staffer, but I strongly suspect she is. That would be consistent with MLG's manipulative, duplicitous campaign tactics.

I don't know whether Lujan Grisham is the villain the ads about Ft. Bayard make her out to be. However, I am certain that she is not the hero of the piece, as she claims.

I strongly urge voters to vote for the candidate they believe best represents their values. For me, that's Eric Griego. You get to decide for yourselves.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | Jun 1, 2012 6:29:16 PM