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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sierra Club Northern New Mexico Group Endorses De Anda, Holian, Stefanics for County Commission

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter's Northern New Mexico Group today announced its endorsement of Maria De Anda Hay, Kathy Holian and Liz Stefanics for Santa Fe County Commission districts 2, 4 and 5, respectively.

District 2: Maria De Anda Hay. De Anda is a lawyer and chair of the Santa Fe County Development Review Committee. As a member of the CDRC, she supported the county Oil and Gas Ordinance and the Santa Fe County Sustainable Growth Development Plan. De Anda served as counsel to New Mexico Secretary of State Stephanie Gonzales and is respected and admired for her intelligence and insight.

“I've known Maria-Ester in her role as member and then as chair of the Santa Fe County Development Review Committee. She is a thoughtful person of honesty and integrity, and has often asked the difficult questions of developers applying to the CDRC,” said Susan Martin, Rio Grande Chapter Political chair. “She is vitally concerned about the impact on water resources of new or expanded development, and also concentrates on whether new buildings will meet fire codes or put our emergency responders in jeopardy when they go to the rescue of residents.”

District 4: Kathy Holian. Among Commissioner Holian's many environmental accomplishments, she played an important role in passing the county’s Sustainable Growth Management Plan, a blueprint for maintaining our rich resources for future generations. Holian is dedicated to ensuring that the commission creates a code that effectively implements the concepts in the plan, including open space and trails, green building, and agriculture.

“Commissioner Holian has been a champion for the water, air, land and wildlife that make Santa Fe County special. She is also developing smart solutions to climate change to protect our children and grandchildren,” said David Van Winkle, chair of the Northern New Mexico Group, which has more than 1,800 members in Santa Fe County. “Kathy is an active member of the Northern New Mexico Group, and we are proud to endorse her.”

District 5: Liz Stefanics. Stefanics has supported acequia improvements, protected water resources essential to La Cienega and Rancho de las Golondrinas, supported a Renewable Energy Improvement financing district within the county, voted to increase funds for Santa Fe River Trail and Dale Ball Trail extensions and helped secure federal funds to provide energy-efficiency measures to improve county buildings and replace street lights with high-efficiency LED lamps.

“In four years representing Santa Fe County, Commissioner Stefanics has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting our resources and making Santa Fe County a better place to live,” Van Winkle said.

More details on all three candidates are included in the attached press releases. The Sierra Club Northern New Mexico Group develops an extensive questionnaire and interviews candidates before deciding on election endorsements. The Northern New Mexico Group, with 1,800 members in the county, will devote its energies to electing these candidates to keep our county’s unique character and resources intact.

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