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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Mexican Families Will Lose Out With Ryan Budget

MartyFrom the Marty Chavez for Congress Campaign.

Stats Show Potentially Devastating Losses

On Wednesday, former Albuquerque Mayor and Congressional Candidate Marty Chavez released the following statement on the Families USA reports (here and here) on the devastating losses New Mexican families could face if the Paul Ryan Budget became law.

“While everyone can agree we need to fix this deficit, I refuse to do it on the backs of New Mexico's working families and seniors who did nothing to create the problems we face today.

“This right-wing budget destroys Medicare and Medicaid as we know it. In Congress, I will hold Republicans accountable and fight to strengthen and improve these programs because it's unfair to ask seniors to shoulder higher costs while giving a tax breaks to the richest few.

“The reports released today explicitly lay out the damage that will be done to Medicaid and Medicare funding here in New Mexico and would reverse decades of progress toward giving New Mexican seniors, children and low-income families health care security.

“Through 2022, New Mexico stands to lose over $9.2 billion in existing Medicaid funding, $6.4 billion in Medicaid expansion funding, $8.4 billion in repealed tax credits in the Affordable Care Act and $1.3 billion in Medicare spending. As well, by repealing the Affordable Care Act, the GOP will leave over 280,000 New Mexicans without insurance during the same time period.

“This kind of wholesale destruction of health care security for the most vulnerable New Mexicans is completely unacceptable. The distance between the values and priorities that this budget are based on and mine could not be farther apart.”

As Mayor of Albuquerque, Chavez was a strong advocate for low-income families and directly funded Title 1 for the homeless and made sure that children of homeless families were provided breakfast and lunch at school. As well, Marty created the Elementary Schools Initiative to provide before and after school programs that included arts and crafts, field trips, recreation and study time.

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