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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Governor Martinez Involvement in Billion Dollar Pay to Play Unveiled

Governor Susana Martinez ran on the strong plank “she would stop all the public corruption.” How government was full of corruption. Pay to play deals. Back room deals. Nepotism. Friends and wives of friends getting jobs with lack of qualifications, wasteful spending of our tax dollars. She was going to put an end to all of this which plaqued the prior administration. You know crooked Richardson, and Denish by association. Well guess what? The pot is calling the kettle black.

The following investigation and documentation by ISPAC shows Susana has violated all of her promises to the community, to us as citizens. If this was Denish or Richardson or any Democrat who did all this in order to reward a campaign donor for his deed in getting you elected, the Albq Journal would be all over it. Everyday a new headline, front page story.

The report that is attached below and lays out in detail a cozy relationship of Susana Martinez and her administration with the Down’s majority owners Windham and Turner and others on the State Fair Commission. The contributions of money to Susana occur in December of 2010, just one month after her being elected and running as “ No corruption Gov”. Even prior to her being sworn in as Governor she was working it, now again imagine if it was a Democrat.

What follows is the press advisory released from Independent Source Pac:

At a press conference held at the entrance to EXPO New Mexico (San Pedro Entrance) Thursday (tomorrow), April 5, 2012, at 11:00 a.m., Independent Source PAC will unveil a meticulously researched, updated report (with supportive documents) regarding the elaborate Pay To Play Scheme undertaken by Governor Martinez and her operatives in the awarding of the Billion Dollar (Plus) Racino Contract to the Downs At Albuquerque.

With so many crises unfolding in New Mexico, why has Gov. Susana Martinez spent her time influencing a single state contract to operate an Albuquerque racetrack?

The answer is made plainly apparent in a timeline unveiled this week by Independent Source PAC. While New Mexico's other news outlets have moved away from the Downs-deal kerfuffle since it briefly made headlines this winter, ISPAC has continued digging into the contract's precursors: hirings, firings, money contributions and the bona fide stonewalling of state-appointed officials looking into what, exactly, influenced the deal.

Behind-the-scenes political machinations have delivered a public contract worth over $1 billion to a few elite individuals who played the money game just right.

"Railroaded" would be an apt metaphor, because what the Downs at Albuquerque contract amounts to is an administration manipulating state policy to benefit specific campaign contributors, not New Mexicans.

Albuquerque investigator Michael Corwin and ISPAC have worked exhaustively to expose the true story behind how Gov. Martinez silenced opposition and steered this massive, un-vetted deal toward well-connected donors.

The administration will respond by attacking ISPAC as a political operation, motivated by ties to the previous governor. What the current administration won't do, because it can't, is dispute the validity of ISPAC's claims.

The Downs deal is politics at its worst, in a moment when New Mexicans can least afford it.

After the information is reviewed it is hard to think of this activity as being anything but violating state and federal laws. ISPAC will unveil its findings at the press conference.

The ISPAC investigative report you can download here, and the timeline can be downloaded here.

ISPAC also provided a report back in January 2012 describing findings regarding this same corruption. You can read that report here: Download Downs Deal Investigative Report.

ISPAC goes on to say, along with unveiling the findings at the press conference, they will provide the letter to New Mexico Attorney General Gary King asking for his office to nullify the contract due to violations of New Mexico state laws by Governor Martinez and members of her administration.

DFNM will have more later on this unfolding story.

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