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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Governor Martinez Establishes New Task Force

Breaking news!  Following the New Mexico State Engineer’s decision on March 30, 2012 [OSE File No. RG-89943] dismissing the San Augustin Ranch, LLC water rights application, Governor Susanna Martinez announced the creation of a new task force -- the Building Resilient Communities Task Force.

The stated goals of the task force are to examine the impacts of climate change on New Mexico communities (both urban and rural) and make recommendations by October 1 for building stronger, more resilient communities to be better prepared to adapt and respond to the serious impacts predicted by the scientific community. Governor Martinez will review these recommendations to determine what her administration can implement immediately and what might be appropriate legislation for the Legislature to take up in 2013.

“The Building Resilient Communities Task Force will pick up where Our Communities, Our Task Force left off in 2007,” Governor Martinez said. “We must not drop the ball.  Under my predecessor’s leadership, New Mexico began to ask the tough questions.  It is more important than ever to search for the answers today with the impacts of climate change, the economic meltdown, and other challenges confronting New Mexico.”

Lora Lucero, an Albuquerque land use attorney, city planner, writer, and climate activist, has accepted the role of leading the Building Resilient Communities Task Force which will be comprised of members from the previous task force. “I’m grateful for this opportunity,” Lucero responded. “Climate change is a non-partisan issue which impacts us all, and our children’s children, without regard to political affiliation.  I look forward to working with everyone on the Task Force over the next six months and including the public in this very important work.”

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Thanks for doing this Lora. What a woman.

Posted by: Peter Moulson | Apr 1, 2012 1:11:29 PM

Wow. Did the Governor get a brain transplant? Who knew?

Posted by: bg | Apr 1, 2012 1:34:53 PM

If Martinez is doing this, the local implications must be far more dire and immediate than previously thought.

Posted by: Art Jaquez | Apr 1, 2012 4:26:43 PM

Lora, is this an April Fools gag? :)

Posted by: Art Jaquez | Apr 1, 2012 4:29:40 PM

My hope is that this is the truth, my fear is that it is April Fools!

Posted by: Cara Valente-Compton | Apr 1, 2012 4:42:58 PM

Oh, ha ha ha. You fooled me, thanks Cara, I got there just as I re-loaded this page.

Posted by: bg | Apr 1, 2012 6:12:05 PM

People want to believe this so bad! It took me a couple looks too. Because it is so right for us to do. But when Lora said susana asked her to lead the effort I knew something was funny!

Posted by: Mary Ellen | Apr 1, 2012 7:52:35 PM

Wishful thinking? Day dreaming? Foolish prank for April Fools Day? We're treating our planet and climate change the same way.

I thought it would be a good laugh. : ). But my granddaughter won't be laughing in 2050. : (

Posted by: Lora Lucero | Apr 2, 2012 10:11:58 AM