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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chavez Supported By Mayors From Across NM & Around the Country

It's Time for Practical Solutions to Our Problems, Not Extremism

Today, Marty announced the support of former Estancia Mayor Marty Hibbs and Edgewood Mayor Brad Hill.

These Mayors join dozens of other New Mexico officials and Mayors from around the nation in supporting Marty's campaign to bring tough leadership that can deliver results to Congress.

“There is a demand in New Mexico and hroughout the country for sustainable and responsible growth. Marty is that rare politician who has done both,” added Mayor Hill. “The people of Edgewood have a desire for that kind of vision in their Congressman and Marty is the one who can get it done. As Mayor of Edgewood, I would like to give my enthusiastic support for Marty Chavez for Congress.”

Chavez noted, “It's an honor to have the support of local Mayors like Marty Hibbs, Brad Hill and Jack Torres as well as national figures such as Antonio Villaraigosa, Federico Pena and Paul Soglin because Mayors like these understand the need to get real about our economic situation and offer practical solutions to the problem we face. This Congress has been threatened by government shutdowns, defaults and an overall rejection of common sense compromise. We've clearly seen that extremism doesn't get the job done and that we need Mayors in Congress, who know how to offer practical solutions to get the economy moving.”

“I'm endorsing Marty Chavez in my capacity as a former Mayor and as someone who has worked with him closely for years. Marty understands that what Torrance County needs most in Washington right now is someone who can meet the needs of our rural communities and break through the clutter to solve the problems we face,” said Hibbs. “Marty has always been a friend to Estancia and his priorities are a perfect match to the needs of Torrance County families. As a former Mayor myself, I'm very aware of the need to get things done for your community. Marty always delivered for the people of Albuquerque whether it was on water conservation, helping to create jobs or just making Albuquerque a great place to live for New Mexican families.”

The list of Mayors who have endorsed Marty Chavez can be seen here.

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