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Thursday, March 15, 2012

State Senator George K. Munoz Announces Film Jobs Headed to Gallup

019 cropSenator George K. Munoz, District 4, has worked diligently to bring more job opportunities for the people in his district. On March 12th,  Sen. Munoz was proud to announce that the film industry will be giving the greater Gallup area more attention.

Upon making the announcement Sen. Munoz stated, “We will no longer be left out. Multiple casting agencies and film operations are headed to Gallup and will be up and running very soon.” Senator Munoz continued, “Meetings and tours of the area are being scheduled as we speak. The movie industry’s presence will add significant economic benefits to our area, not only by creating hundreds of jobs, but also by bringing back the limelight and nostalgia of Gallup, New Mexico.”

Sen. Munoz says that in the past, movie stars such John Wayne and Ronald Reagan were familiar faces as they filmed in the Gallup area. Sen. Munoz envisions modern day stars walking the streets of Gallup with the heightened level of film activity in the community.

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