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Friday, March 30, 2012

Eleanor Chavez says: Unbelievable!


Eleanor has organized a strong grassroots campaign for the upcoming primary election. She has been a champion for working families and voters are excited about her campaign.

Eleanor’s opponent, Michael Padilla, is alleging voter fraud and challenging petition signatures that were submitted by the campaign.

“We worked hard to reach out to voters in the district and the campaign turned in more than 4 times the required amount of required signatures,” said Eleanor, “I stand by my signatures and volunteers. We know that there is an expected error rate in petition gathering that every campaign experiences. In those cases, we support the process and those signatures should not be counted.”

Voter fraud is a serious allegation and it’s unfortunate that Michael Padilla, who turned in pages of unqualified signatures, would make these baseless charges without evidence. After all, he’s no stranger to public allegations. But, voter fraud…hmmm…doesn’t that sound like a familiar line from the Republican playbook? These types of wild allegations make us wonder who is advising his campaign.

Connections to the Republican Administration

Michael Padilla was offered a no-bid contract by the state and Governor Susana Martinez’s administration. His call center company, Altivus, contracted with the Motor Vehicle Division to aid Governor Martinez in handling calls from immigrants whose driver’s licenses were under review.He is a relative of the Taxation and Revenue Secretary who is responsible for overseeing the MVD, who offered the contract to him.

If you’d like to support Eleanor in fighting back against these Republican tactics, please donate to her campaign at ACTBLUE or send a check to:
Eleanor Chavez for Senate, 1307 Del Mastro, Albuquerque, NM 87121

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