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Friday, February 17, 2012

02/18: On Saturday Attend Dem Party Bernalillo County Ward and Precinct Elections

The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County will be holding on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 the elections for ward and precinct officers and the election of delegates for the County and State Pre-Primary Convention. Click here to read the Call issued by Chairwoman Ana Canales and the time and location of each ward and precinct meeting.

All registered Democrats are urged to attend and vote for their ward and precinct officers and extra CCC members, or run for an office themselves. Those elected as ward chairs, precinct chairs and additional CCC members will serve on the DPBC Central Committee, which will meet on Feb. 25 at 10:00 AM at the UNM Continuing Education Center - 1634 University NE, Albuquerque. Registration will be start at 8:30 AM and the meeting will be called to order at 10:00 AM.

Please bring resolutions to present at the ward meeting tomorrow. Click Download Master dem resolution Form 2012 for a blank resolution document. And below are a few resolutions that have been drafted up, if any of these are interest to you download and bring to your own ward meeting, be sure to fill in the top of the form.

Download Resolution Access to broadband; Download Resolution Financial Literacy; Download Resolution Fracking; Download Resolution Funds for Health Care; Download Resolution Genetically Modified Salmon; Download Resolution Move to Amend; Download Resolution Non-lethal weapons; Download Resolution Prevailing wages; Download Resolution Repeal the NDAA; Download Resolution Tax LANL; Download Resolution The 99%; Download Resolution The commons

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No -- we're not electing Ward and Precinct officers this year. It's just what's on the Call.

Posted by: Michelle Meaders | Feb 18, 2012 9:26:01 AM

Yeah! I was elected a delegate in my Ward. First time ... learning about this process. Very excited. : )

Posted by: Lora Lucero | Feb 18, 2012 6:23:03 PM

I'm a delegate too :( Not looking forward to the county meeting.

At the DPBC meeting in, I think, 2005 at the convention center I was present officially to cast a vote for something - SCC, most likely. Linda Lopez was the county chair.

The meeting started with someone in a robe speaking from the dais telling us all to stand, bow our heads, and pray in the name of Jesus. I didn't, of course, but I sat quietly.

If anything like that happens again I think I'll shout and holler and object. I'm really tired of the Democratic party being the other party of theocracy, and I'm tired of getting officially preached at.

Posted by: Michaael H Schneider | Feb 18, 2012 6:40:26 PM

Are you SERIOUS? A prayer at the beginning?

Posted by: Lora Lucero | Feb 19, 2012 6:28:01 PM

Seriously. Yes.

Not just a general prayer to an undefined god/godess/spirit-of-your-choice, but a specific prayer and instruction to pray in the name of Jesus. The guy at the podium said something like "everybody please stand, bow your head, and pray in the name of Jesus" and then went into his prayer to Jesus.

Not at a fundraiser, or an unofficial meeting, but at the official meeting of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County.

Not in 1911, but in 2005 (4/2/05 - I just looked in my archives).

It made me swear I'd never do a thing to support the county party, never volunteer, never give them a penny.

Seriously, I was offended.

At a SCC meeting at which I was just an observer there was a more generalized opening prayer. I don't remember the year (2005? 2006?) but it was in an auditorium at TVI. It was long and (in my recollection) clearly Cristian. I sat in the back and clapped as loudly as I could through it, expaining to someone who questioned me that the guy at the front was praying his way, and I was praying my way.

We have a problem with the Democratic party in New Mexico and religion.

Posted by: Michael H Schneider | Feb 19, 2012 7:03:02 PM