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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marty Chavez Statement on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

New Mexico First Congressional District candidate Marty Chavez released the following statement on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision:

“On the anniversary of this landmark ruling that guarantees all women the personal freedom and constitutional right of privacy to make their own choices, it is important to continually reaffirm our commitment to keeping abortion safe and legal.

“I will be a strong advocate in Congress for protecting a woman’s right to choose.  While firmly pro-choice, I believe that as a nation we must promote policies that reduce the need for abortions including access to birth control and comprehensive sex education for our children.

“We must also be vigilant against the misleading, deceptive and sometimes violent tactics of anti-choice people as they attempt to erode a woman’s right to choose and outlaw abortion.

“As a student in 1970’s I was proud to help organize a visit to UNM by Sarah Weddington, an event that left an indelible impression on my commitment to the issues surrounding Roe. And as Mayor, I led the effort to create the Family Advocacy Center – a multi-agency facility that combines emergency medical staff, victim advocates, legal and financial assistance along with law enforcement and prosecution in a unique system designed to dramatically decrease the stress and trauma often placed on victims of violence.  This agency has had an incredibly positive impact on a system that was broken.

“Those are real results for New Mexican families and that’s the kind of leadership I’ll bring to Washington.”

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This is trust women week. Relay your reproductive history to 3 friends. Let's ask the Governor how she controls her reproduction. Wikipedia says that she is not a "natural" mother.
We need to talk more openly about reproduction control and reproductive rights.




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