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Monday, January 16, 2012

Love, Hard Work, Honesty, Barb Wold’s Life

I wish we could know where we go when we perish. That is the age old question of what almost all wars are fought for. Barb passed away 4 weeks ago. I miss her dearly. I wonder if she is close or far. Did she just turn off like a light switch or do we go on to another universe, a different plane, do we reincarnate, do we go to heaven or hell, what do we do when we leave our bodies behind. None of us will ever ever know. I say shoot, I want to know.

So no one knows if Barb was around on Thursday evening for her celebration of her life. But I felt her memory was bigger than the room. How special the whole evening. So much love and caring. In attendance were our neighbors, our friends, our community, fellow activists, elected officials, mine and Barb’s landlord, all having a common reason to come out on a Thursday evening, to pay tribute to my Barb, my partner, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The afterlife services are for the living Barb would say and I think it was very very special for me and hopefully helped others.

I am posting all the videos I took of the various people I asked to pay tribute to Barb. I am posting them in the order they were said that evening.

First was Hakim Bellamy. Hakim is our local slam poet hero. He painted a beautiful picture of Barb as Anita Walsh said in a FB post. You can find the words to Hakim's poem here.

Champion for Barbara Rose Wold - by hakim bellamy 

Below is a small tribute to Barb from our good friend Jeanne Hoover who is our friend for 20+ years.

Then came Brian Colon; who was our successful Dem Party Chair in 08 when we took the whole state blue.

Then came Jason and Maxine Marks. Good friends since we entered the political fray in 2003.

 Then was NM Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, who captured Barb in a short phrase of ”Be who you are.”

Then another wonderful voice for the night was local poet activist teacher lesbian Erin Northern. The words to In the Offering of Petals for Barbara Rose Wold, Erin’s poem is attached here. Barb was a strong oak.

In the Offering of Petals for Barbara Rose Wold by Erin Northern

And last was Jeannette Chavez our dear friend who wove a beautiful poem together using various phrases of the song list Barb and I made the last night of her life.

Onward is what Barb would say. Enough about me she is saying, there is work to do Mary Ellen. She never did this blog for her ego, she shyed away from the praises for her work. There is work to be done. Tomorrow starts the 2012 Legislative session to cover. And not to mention every political seat in the state. So onward we will go.

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Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful way to show respect and love for Barbara. Thank you for sharing the videos. Very special !!

Posted by: Lora Lucero | Jan 16, 2012 7:20:19 PM

Comforts. And so much love.

Posted by: Maxie Marks | Jan 16, 2012 8:08:38 PM

It was an amazing evening. And you captured it perfectly. :)

Posted by: Pat | Jan 16, 2012 8:42:14 PM