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Friday, January 27, 2012

Driver's License Law Needs to Be Strengthened

Rep. Miguel Garcia (D-Bernalillo, District 14), chair of the House Labor and Human Resources Committee, releases the following statement on HB 103 the drivers licenses for foreign nationals law.

"This issue has drawn national attention and it has made one thing very clear: the current law must be strengthened to include provisions that clearly address the flaws. Repealing the law and forcing a fraction of the driving population to go without proper licensing, registration or insurance puts New Mexican families at risk. That is why today we amended the bill to directly address the challenges that we face.”   The amended bill will:

  • Strengthen residency requirements
  •  Require license renewal every two years
  • Require all foreign nationals to reapply within two years under these stricter requirements or face mandatory and immediate cancellation of licenses
  • Raise the penalties significantly for anyone involved in fraud

There are more than 90,000 foreign nationals with licenses.  Simply repealing the law would not advance public safety and would not eliminate instances of fraud.  We need to prevent those who are actually committing fraud while making sure that everyone driving is licensed, registered and insured."

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