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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Occupy Santa Fe People's Mic In Opposition to PNM & Gov. Martinez at EIB Hearing on 12/5/11

Occupy Santa Fe attended an Environmental Improvement Board Hearing to interrupt testimony with a people's mic. The EIB heard the same testimony last year and a law was passed to put carbon caps on coal burning electricity in New Mexico, and begin moving toward renewable energy. Last year's board was with members elected by former Gov. Richardson. After Gov. Martinez was elected with the support of big oil and gas, she replaced the board members, and is attempting to overturn the law with this new hearing. PNM, and specifically San Juan Coal Power Plant, is one of the biggest polluters and greenhouse gas emitters in New Mexico. Occupy Santa Fe interrupted testimony with a people's mic, and make our voices heard. This is what we had to say (written text below the fold):

Mic Check!
Mic Check!

We are the 99%.
We are Occupy Santa Fe.

We demand the right to breathe clean air.
We demand better health.
We demand clean and renewable energy.

The EIB hear
the same testimony last year.
Today's hearing is a do over.

PNM ignores the law.
San Juan emits
10 million tons of carbon a year.
PNM's pollution rates exceed
industry standards and government requirements.

PNM is the 1%
PNM spends millions a year
on legal fees fighting environmental compliance.
CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn
makes 2.5 million a year.
PNM shareholders and executives
profit off polluting.
New Mexicans pay the price.
We are the 99%.

San Juan Coal pollutes
our national parks, monuments, and tribal lands.
San Juan Coal uses
9.2 billion gallons of clean water a year.
San Juan coal kills
33 people a year.
PNM has racked up
60,000 air quality violations.

San Juan Coal is the biggest emitter
of greenhouse hases in New Mexico.
Greenhouse gases cause climate change.
Climate change causes droughts and wildfires.
Unabated: Climate change will make the earth
uninhabitable in our lifetime.

Coal burning electricity causes
cancer, asthma, neurological disorders,
and lung disease.
Elders and children are most at risk.

We demand that PNM shut down
its coal burning power plants.
We demand the EIB and Governor Martinez
enforce the law, not overturn it,
and that they invest in solar and wind technology.

We value our health and we value yours.
A new world is possible.
Join us in creating it.

We are Occupy Santa Fe.
We are unstoppable.
Expect us.

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